Chasing the Light: The 3rd Annual 12×12!

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The 3rd Annual 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon: Summer Edition

Vancouver, BC (June 20th, 2011): In 2009 they froze the unique darkness of Vancouver’s winter. In 2010 they captured the city’s essence on a rainy day. This year, Freyr permitting, the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon participants will be chasing the light, exposing the beauty of Vancouver’s summer.

On Saturday August 6th 2011, photographers will be packing light, trading in their parkas and umbrellas for shorts and shades before making their way down to the eclectic English Bay area and the hub of this year’s marathon. With a 35mm camera as the only requirement to take part, 60 recreational and professional photographers will each be given a marked roll of film containing 12 exposures. Beginning at 10am and at the top of every hour for the next 12 hours, a theme will be randomly drawn and released. Participants must interpret and capture each theme with one single exposure of film in the exact sequence that they are revealed. Once the clock strikes 10pm, only the completed rolls that have been returned will move on to the next stage of the challenge.

Negatives will be developed and judged after the marathon, the results of which will be showcased at a public exhibit in the halls of PhotoHaus Gallery at the Vancouver Photo Workshops where more than 700 photos will be on display. The winning entries will be announced and celebrated, then elevated to the gallery walls of the Vancouver Lookout for an extended showing to local and international photo enthusiasts.

With the ubiquity of the digital lens on cameras, phones, computers and just about anything that runs on a battery, “we’ve lost some of the thrill that comes from pressing the shutter release and not knowing exactly what that will produce,” says 12×12 creator Morten Rand-Hendriksen. That’s what participating in this marathon offers. It makes photography – in its purest form – exciting again. “Plus,” adds Rand-Hendriksen, “how often are you going to be able to brag about crossing the finish line of a 12-hour marathon without ever setting foot in a gym!”

SATURDAY AUGUST 6TH, 2011  •  10AM – 10PM

12×12 is open to anyone with a 35mm film camera. Tickets ($24) must be purchased in advance, include film, and will go on sale here at 8pm July 6th, 2011. Updates can be found at,, and

A collaboration of snap-happy Morten Rand-Hendriksen & Angela Chih of Pink & Yellow Media, marketing consultant Anny Chih, and Benjamin Luk of Benjamin Luk Photography, the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon is the first not-for-profit annual film-based photography contest in British Columbia.


For more information or media inquiries, please contact:

Angela Chih, Event Producer
e: Click here to submit an email
c: 778.388.3690

Here are the links to the full media kit:

Page 1: Cover/Poster
Page 2: Media Release
Page 3: Event Photos
Page 4: Media Coverage
Page 5: What Marathoners are Saying About 12×12
Page 6: Frequently Asked Questions
Page 7: Sponsor Packages

Click here to download the full Media Kit in PDF format

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