Aaron MacFarlane Takes 12×12 to Spain!

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8806km didn’t deter 2-time 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathoner Aaron MacFarlane from taking part in the 2011 cycle! Though not an ‘official’ participant, he nonetheless shot his photo set in real time from Ibiza, Spain. We held the marathon from 10am – 10pm so your math is correct, Aaron was running around with his 35mm from 7pm – 7am! Here are the results, re-posted with permission from our amazing overseas photographer.

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by Aaron MacFarlane

So, since 2009 there has been this annual fun film-shooting event going on in Vancouver. It’s called the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon.

I’ve been partaking in it because I have been shooting film for a long time and the marathon is a full-on workout. 12 non-stop hours of getting a theme, using your creative juices to take a photo of that theme, then working on the next theme. 12 themes in 12 hours.

This year it turned out that the Marathon was taking place not on September 12 but on August 6. Right when we were to be on vacation in Europe.

So…here are the 12 shots. There was a mix-up as the timing was wonky (instead of 10am to 10pm Vancouver time, I was on 7pm to 7am Ibiza time!). This led to issues because we had a flight to catch at 7am from Ibiza to Paris! It wasn’t so much the flight that was the problem…it was the connectivity to the internet and the security at the Ibiza airport that had me put my camera away before being able to officially follow along with the rest of the people in Vancouver.

Let me just say that doing something like this is much much more difficult if you are in a place that you’ve never been to before. Why? Because you have no help regarding placement. Landmarks, expectations of human behaviour in certain places, they all play an important role in the composition of a photo for each theme.

So, I ultimately am not happy with my photos. Especially with the calibre of the photographers that were in Vancouver doing their thang. 🙂

Equipment used: 1 camera (Leica M6), 1 lens (35mm Summicron), and a roll of colour film.

Theme 01: My Entry Number (59) + Different Angle

Theme 01: My Entry Number (59) by Aaron MacFarlane

The angle was a tough addition. Instead of shooting straight on, I went up above.

I seriously thought of laying on the ground but I was wearing white and this was a very busy area so hundreds of people were walking about shopping and finding places to eat.

The shot was taken here.

Theme 02: The Usual Suspects

Theme 02: The Usual Suspects by Aaron MacFarlane

Scouting about for almost an hour…I was hoping to find a group of young boys being boys or something out of the ordinary. I couldn’t find anything. So I went to the strip where I knew I would find a group of old ‘usual suspects.’

The shot was taken here.

Theme 03: Human Nature

Theme 03: Human Nature by Aaron MacFarlane

I figured I knew right away where I would find some human nature. Down by the water! There will be people there doing what they do. Nope, there were no people there. Just people selling cheap sunglasses and tanktops. Kinda boring, so I looked up and thought ‘Oh look, there’s human nature for ya…we exploit beautiful things for our own good.’

The shot was taken here.

Theme 04: Reliable

Theme 04: Reliable by Aaron MacFarlane

I knew right away what I could find for this photo, seeing as how the sun had already gone down I thought of indoor shots. What’s more reliable than these?

The shot was taken here.

Theme 05: My Greatest Wish

Theme 05: My Greatest Wish by Aaron MacFarlane

Enjoying Life with someone you Love.

Theme 06: Odour

Theme 06: Odour by Aaron MacFarlane

At this point I had been able to get WIFI before heading off to the airport to catch a very early flight to Paris, France. After arriving at the airport there was no WIFI and, after taking this photo, a security guard gave stern warning which prevented me from taking any more photos in the airport. So the 12×12 day ended for me here. 🙁

The shot was taken here.

Theme 07: Echo

Theme 07: Echo by Aaron MacFarlane

Arriving in Paris in the morning made it easy to find the next theme although I was frustrated because I knew the rest of the pack had already finished the Marathon back in Vancouver. So I started up the timer clock again after receiving the rest of the themes via 12×12’s twitter messages.

Theme 08: Trapped

Theme 08: Trapped by Aaron MacFarlane

Well, it was mid-morning and there wasn’t anything jumping out at me so while walking past a little café I saw on the board something that I could eat and photograph for the next theme.

Theme 09: Take it to the Grave

Theme 09: Take it to the Grave by Aaron MacFarlane

Finding the cemetery took a bit of work because I had heard about it being an AMAZING place but was taken aback once inside walking about the huge stones and memorials. I could spend all day here. I could be buried here…with the material object I love the most.

The shot was taken here.

Theme 10: Second Chance

Theme 10: Second Chance by Aaron MacFarlane

I figured there would be some opportunity to walk down Champs-Élysées and find something related to second chance. Usually I don’t photograph people who are suffering or in need, but I figure the young woman would like a second chance at living in a society without having to beg all day to the tourists and locals.

The shot was taken here.

Theme 11: Not For Sale

Theme 11: Not for Sale by Aaron MacFarlane

The Notre Dame is obviously… 🙂

The shot was taken here.

Theme 12: Expectation

Theme 12: Expectation by Aaron MacFarlane

Sitting at the train station planning out the next venture (Brussels), we were having a late lunch and in a matter of seconds after sitting down we were visited by a group of feathered friends with looks in their eyes while watching us munch on our baguettes. They certainly were full of expectation. Very cute indeed.

The shot was taken here.

Thank you Aaron, for taking time out of your European vacation to share such a unique 12×12 experience with us. We hope to see you in the 2012 cycle!

Aaron MacFarlane was the Best Series winner for the 2009 cycle of 12×12, and for 2010, the audience pick for Best Photo Runner-Up and Best Theme 02 interpretation, both for his capture of “The High Road.”

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