A Journey with Photography

Posted by on October 5, 2010 at 6:03 pm.

Guest post by Adrian Eden of www.adrianeden.com

I have always been a fan of photography, though recently I bought a Canon Rebel T2i and have been taking my hobby more seriously. Upgrading from using my iPhone camera and a Sony Cyber-Shot. My ancestors were all Scottish Architects so I guess I have it in my blood to look at the world around me in a unique fashion, spotting symmetry and perspective (and the best deal on products lol).

A friend of mine by the name of Ben Lewis (we met on Twitter) has a photography Blog that I was reading one day and enjoyed. So I reached out to him to see if he would be interested in teaching me some basics. Of course being the good guy that he is he said yes.

We went down to the waterfront on the South East corner of Stanley Park by the rowing club. I started snapping pictures of railings and boats and then looked back to notice that Ben was zooming in on water droplets on a railing. I thought that was weird, but at the time I didn’t understand how powerful the lens was. I bent down to see what he was doing and did the same thing and came up with this cool shot, which instantly made me fall in love with macro photography.

Cable Drips by Adrian Eden

There is inspiration everywhere. I’m slowly learning that from Ben. He told me to not be so concerned with exposure and lighting in the early stages of learning photography but rather focus on the rule of thirds and framing the pictures well. Take responsibility for what you are shooting is what he said. I took that to heart and moved along quickly into asking him about exposure and shutter speed. He taught me some good ways to take day shots when it is cloudy: Keeping your shutter speed a little slower than usual and opening up your aperture slightly; testing each step to make sure you are getting the desired effect. I really find the buttons on the handle of the Canon Rebel T2i to be handy, switching aperture and shutter speed quickly instead of going into the menu every time you want to change what you are looking at.

I took this photo of my girlfriend Lindsey while thinking about exposure and perspective (in the background). It is also one of my first monochrome pictures.

Lindsey by Adrian Eden

I was instantly hooked to this style as well. I must be addicted to photography already in fact, as after this first lesson I went straight up to Future Shop and bought a 55-250mm IS Canon lens and tripod. In the first 2 days of getting my camera and all of the accessories I have spent a few thousand dollars, but every penny worth it. For I now have a hobby that I can take pride in and capture the moments of my life and things that inspire me. I have a Flickr set that I update regularly when traveling around the world, though my early pictures are mostly Tweeted images and shot from my old Sony camera so they lack in quality. But I do have a few new pictures up there that I take pride in.

Tonight we are going to North Vancouver to get some pictures of the Lions Gate Bridge from underneath, hoping to do something similar to this photo.

I also want to learn about stop motion photography and use content from a winter storm over top of downtown Vancouver shooting it from the top of Grouse Mountain. I will put this content on a dramatic electronic music mix and post about it on my personal Blog. A nice balance of photography and Blogging is going to keep me very happy as I get older. These hobbies I can also share with my girlfriend Lindsey and the children that we are planning to have. It is definitely something the whole family can enjoy. When I was a kid I learned about film photography in grade school, I remember spending time in the dark room with a red light bulb and it smelled like vinegar. Hanging our pictures to dry on the line. The anticipation for what was to come always kept me coming back to class early. I would like to try this type of photography more, possibly using Ben’s old Pentax camera. A nice balance of traditional and modern skills will make me a well rounded photographer.

I hope to meet all of you at Raw Talent 2010: The 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon Exhibit on October 16th and I look forward to getting to know more of the local photography community and continuing on my journey.

Adrian’s Specs:
EFS 18-55mm Canon Lens
Shutter speed at maximum on the Canon Rebel T2i
Aperture 1000
Monochrome Setting on Lindsey picture

Thank you Adrian, for sharing your experience with us. For you readers out there, if you’ve got a story to share about your adventures in photography (and film in particular), drop us a line!

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