2011 12×12 Recap

Posted by on August 10, 2011 at 3:32 pm.

We thought about whipping up a post-12×12 account of the day’s events but then we began to receive some amazing blog posts from our marathoners and realized featuring them would be so much better! Thanks you guys, for making our job easier 😉

Simply click on the corresponding image or marathoner name to jump to the full blog post.

For more stories (past and present), check out the “A Marathoner’s Perspective” page. If you publish any posts yourself, make sure to let us know so we can add you to the list. We’re also linking any Flickr sets that you may have so send those links as well.


“Oh, hello camera— have we met before? I apparently have no idea how you operate. I silently vow to teach myself better photography skills, and hope that my roll of film mysteriously goes missing during the developing process.”

Chrissy Davey #07

“Maybe it was the fatigue setting in, but the last few themes felt more and more challenging (I say ‘challenging’ but the words floating in my head were ‘ridiculous’ and ‘are you serious?!?’).”

Zachary Wong #52

“My highlights…3) Deciding to drink a pint (although…I am doubtful they were actual pints…) of beer every hour after noon to fuel the creativity. I like to think it helped. We’ll see how well it helped the camera shake later on in the night.”

Cara Grimshaw #16

“Last year we won the Audience’s Choice Best Series. So this year the pressure is on! Ayoe and I actually practiced our ‘secret technique’ on couple rolls of film just to make sure we can pull the technique off.”

Bob Lai #01

“…1 year later = 1 year wiser; You learn from your mistakes, you prepare. A few things I seemed to anticipate (like the ubiquitous first theme), and with the help of other fellow participants, some shots I couldn’t achieve (without)…”

Christian Bucad #02





“As a runner, the use of the word “marathon” in the event name seems fitting, and that was my mindset throughout the day. The mental aspect of finding an appropriate photo is compounded with the physical in terms of all the walking I did…”

Eric Bucad #11

“…how my marathoning unfolded.”

Michael Burns #57

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