1, 2, “I Do?”…12×12’s First Wedding!

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You’d think that a wedding shoot would keep you from taking part in the 12×12. You’d probably also never consider lugging around yet another camera when the three or seven in your bag are already breaking your back. If that’s what you think, then you obviously don’t know Lisa King. Here’s the story (told by Lisa herself) on how 12×12 became her +1.

1, 2, “I Do?”…
by Lisa King

I am a professional photographer and have been freelancing in a variety of venues for the past six years. I would consider myself a photojournalist as many of my clients are media based but I also shoot weddings and corporate events on the weekends. I shoot primarily with my digital camera but continue to keep film alive when shooting portraits and weddings.

Last year I participated in the 12×12 for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. It was bitterly cold and at times rainy but the excitement of shooting film in a contest kept me warm and excited to shoot. To my surprise I won in the last category of the day, “Unfunny.”

2010 Winner for Theme 12: Unfunny by Lisa King

The positive energy and pure joy of this event had me looking forward to the 2011 12×12 event but was deeply saddened to hear that it was taking place smack dab in the middle of my wedding season. Even though I couldn’t participate as an official member, I was determined to still be there in spirit. With the help of Angela Chih, the 12×12 Producer, I took the challenge to Victoria and shot the categories in real time during the wedding. I was able to tie in the category “series” with ease, which in the previous year found very difficult to do. It definitely brought a unique excitement and a different challenge to shoot during the wedding. Every hour I pulled out my Pentax K1000 (my first and favorite camera) and shot each theme, jumping up and down every time I came up with something fun and silly.

I hold 12×12 close to my heart. It allows me to open up and feel like I can explore new levels of creativity in new and obscure ways. The category prompts can be challenging but that is what is so exciting and I am glad that I was able to take part in spirit. You will definitely see me competing next year so stay tuned.

Equipment used: 1 camera (Pentax K1000), 1 Lens (50 mm f1.4) and a roll of colour film.


Theme 01: My Entry Number (08) + Different Angle

Theme 01: My Entry Number (#08) by Lisa King

My entry number was 8. At this point in the wedding we had just arrived for an amazing homemade pancake breakfast at the bride’s girlfriend’s house. I had never seen so much amazing food at a breakfast before. There were pancakes made to order, two types of bacon, fruit salad, homemade sauces, mimosas…you name it, they had it. Eight people were eating oddly enough, but there was not enough room (with my fixed 50 mm lens) to fit them all in especially at a different physical angle. I twisted the literal number into “ate” and well, you can see how we felt after breakfast.

Theme 02: The Usual Suspects

Theme 02: The Usual Suspects by Lisa King

Ahhhh, getting ready. A lot of brides follow the tradition of: something old, something new, something borrowed something blue. This tradition is said to have derived in England during the Victorian era, where blue symbolizes love, fidelity and purity.


Theme 03: Human Nature

Theme 03: Human Nature by Lisa King

This one was quite difficult to come up with because of the timing. The wedding was about to get underway so I used the best possible literal translation as I could. Human with Nature.


Theme 04: Reliable

Theme 04: Reliable by Lisa King

Again, another time pressing moment. As seen, the bride is fixing her shoe and leaning on her husband for support.

Theme 05: My Greatest Wish

Theme 05: My Greatest Wish by Lisa King

I think many people would agree that eradicating cancer would be a dream come true. In lieu of party favors, a donation was given to the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of the groom’s father whom recently died of Lymphoma.

Theme 06: Odour

Theme 06: Odour by Lisa King

Do you have a pooey diaper?

Theme 07: Echo

Theme 07: Echo by Lisa King

Adorable flower girl twins. Sisters, especially twins like to repeat or imitate each other.


Theme 08: Trapped

Theme 08: Trapped by Lisa King

“A happy life, is a happy wife.” The rings have now “trapped” the man into a long marriage of “yes dear.”

Theme 09: Take it to the Grave

Theme 09: Take it to the Grave by Lisa King

“I Do.” Definition: “The social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.” This is supposed to be a forever thing but according to the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada “In 2002, the average age at divorce was 43.1 for men and 40.5 for women.”


Theme 10: Second Chance

Theme 10: Second Chance by Lisa King

Bocce (or sometimes spelled Boci or boccie) derived in ancient form from the Roman Empire but modernized by the Italians, allows a player to hit the ball again after going through a wicket. This game becomes increasingly difficult once inebriated, especially if you’ve had a photographer set up your course. Up hills and around corners, there will always be an opportunity for a “second chance.”

Theme 11: Not for Sale

Theme 11: Not for Sale by Lisa King

Duh! Well maybe…how much are you offering?

Theme 12: Expectation

Theme 12: Expectation by Lisa King

OPEN BAR! Enough said.

Thank you Lisa, for taking us along for the ride. We hope to see you in the 2012 cycle!

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If you’re curious to see what this year’s participants shot for their 12 exposures, don’t miss:
Raw Talent 2011: The 3rd Annual 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon Exhibit
THIS Sunday September 25th, 2011 – Doors: 6PM (FREE)
PhotoHaus Gallery at the Vancouver Photo Workshops
14 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver


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