2012 Sponsor Photo Challenge!

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Sponsors always wonder what it’s like to do the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon so we figured, why not give them a little taste? We can’t be the only ones having all the fun! ;o)

And so the Sponsor Photo Challenge was born. With theme assignment in hand, our awesome sponsors set about the task of capturing their unique interpretation with a single shot. Here are the very cool results (in no particular order) for the theme:


Foundation by Opus Art Supplies

I hate when I’m misinterpreted. You now that annoying situation of Chinese whispers where one simple word gets blown out of context and suddenly all meaning is lost? To avoid such frustrating circumstances, I like to take things literally in all aspects of my life from conversations to image making. If you give me a theme of “foundation” then that’s exactly what I’m going to give back.

Foundation describes the ground or base upon which a structure rests. On a recent walk home to East Van from Downtown I spotted the iconic looking Science World in the background of a mess of construction work. The foundations of a new structure stood trapped behind the wire fencing, which I thought was also important to include in the image as it captures the many levels through which access is granted. From laying down the groundwork of a fence for safety, to the actual construction or deconstruction of a structure, to the finished piece: I saw it all in this frame. Interpret at your own discretion.

by Christine Redmond, Opus Art Supplies

Opus LogoOpus Art Supplies
100 – 207 West Hastings Street, Vancouver | Tel: 604.678.5889
Also on Granville Island, in North Vancouver, Langley, Victoria, and Kelowna

From day one, Opus Art Supplies has backed us up and helped us feature our winners in spectacular ways. For 2012, the always amazing team at Opus is sponsoring 12×12 with:

  • Four 24″x36″ fine art digital prints on paper and mounted on Opus Aluminum Mounting Panels for our top 4 winners (if you were at Raw Talent last year, you know how incredible these are)
  • Twelve  8″x12″ canvas prints stretched on 3/4″ stretcher bars and finished in custom cut white Opus BOD frames for our 12 individual theme winners
  • Lanyards and reusable roll-up shopping bags for the participant packages

Foundation by Photo Life Magazine

This theme inspired me to contemplate the foundational elements of my culture. The making of the “ceinture fléchée” is a part of French-Canadian history, and it’s also a part of my family’s particular cultural heritage. This traditional sash is created through a method of finger weaving developed by my ancestors a few centuries ago. At that time, the arrow sashes were worn by the general French-Canadian population, including the “coureur des bois” and the bourgeois class. This handmade traditional piece of clothing connects me to my history and origins and reminds me that creativity is a foundational element of French-Canadian culture. But, more importantly, it represents the countless hours I’ve seen my mother put into this wonderful handicraft as I sat at her side as a child, untangling the wool as the patterns were created.

My mother, my culture, my foundation.

by Valérie Racine, Editorial Director of Photo Life Magazine

Photo Life Magazine LogoPhoto Life Magazine
Tel: 1.800.905.7468
Subscriptions: 1.800.461.7468

One of our newest sponsors, Photo Life Magazine is sponsoring the 2012 12×12 with:

  • 60 magazines with special subscription rates via promo codes for the 2012 participants
  • Promotion of 12×12 through the magazine, blog, and social media
  • 120×240 banner ad on Photolife.com for one full month (value: $700)

Foundation by Beau Photo

My real life surroundings with the re-bar looking like a digital skeleton coming up from the ground…

People say that downtown Vancouver is more and more becoming an urban jungle, and this photo shows that very clearly. Tree roots are being replaced with concrete foundations which demonstrates, like in all urban environments, that man has firmly taken over control of the growth and shape of the landscape from nature. The ever changing setting grows vertically as it should, but with concrete towers instead of trees. What used to be a forest that sustained a variety of fauna is now a forest of glass high-rises, accommodating people in compartmentalized living. As an urban Vancouver dweller, this is the foundation of my landscape.

by Nicole Langdon-Davies, Film & Analog Department of Beau Photo

Beau Photo LogoBeau Photo Supplies
1520 W. 6th Ave, Vancouver
Tel: 604.734.7771

Beau Photo has been a supporter of 12×12 since 2009 and for the 2012 cycle, is generously sponsoring us with:

  • Film and cassettes for all of this year’s marathoners. Thanks to Beau Photo, Ilford has also come on board and offered us the necessary HP5+ Black & White film, which Beau Photo has custom-rolled for us
  • Two $50 Rental Certificates
  • The loan of lighting equipment for a special perk that we are currently working on for our 2012 marathoners!

Foundation by Coffeebar

Billions of cups of coffee are consumed around the world every day, making coffee beans one of the most traded commodities; and every day, millions of farmers work extremely hard as they depend on coffee for their source of income. Yet when the beans travel a long way from home to be brewed into that cup of fragrant liquid gold we are familiar with, we often neglect its journey and origin as we emphasize on speed and quantity while we wait in line for that morning kick-start on our way to work.

The cultivation of coffee beans is a long and labor-intensive process, comparable to that of rice. The coffee plant can take up to seven years to grow and requires strict conditions and constant attention. They are therefore susceptible to pests and weather changes. The result of a good harvest, however, is nothing short of gratifying; like wines of different regions, coffee beans produced from different farms can take on the flavours of the soil and have their own unique taste. A distinct taste pertaining to a distinct origin, what better way to build a solid foundation for coffee? As our culture begins to appreciate the fine tasting and proper brewing of coffee, it is crucial for us to understand the foundations of coffee beans. It really helps us bring a little bit more romance into the cup, and a little bit more appreciation to our morning coffee.

Coffee can be a grab-and-go, but with all the hard labor involved in bringing those amazing flavours into the cup, it should be a treat. I make coffee for people most days, but when I’m not and the weather allows, I sit at a coffeeshop and look at the rain. Falling. And I remember other rains from different skies. Mountain fog descending and lifting like a dream, drinking single-origin coffee from the origin itself – in a small town, in the northern sierra of Mexico, through cobblestone streets and the rich palette of color surrounding everything; and the farmer – whose name escapes me now, but who still tells his story and the story of this town through his coffee. This beautiful, colorful, hidden treasure of a town, whose name will never escape me: Cuetzalan.

by Christine Delano, Manager of Coffeebar

Coffeebar LogoCoffeebar
10 Water Street, Vancouver (Gastown)
Tel: 604.566.9693

Coming on board this year, Coffeebar is officially the:

  • Venue for the 2012 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon on Saturday August 18th

Also part of our wonderful family of sponsors:

CustomColor LogoCustomColor Professional Imaging Lab
1123 Venables Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604.681.4680

Have you ever noticed how your lab always sends your black & white film out for development? Well, CustomColor Professional Imaging Lab is one of the few places in Vancouver where these orders go. It’s also the place professional photographers frequent to get the results they want. For 2012, our marathoners are getting nothing but the best. CustomColor is sponsoring the 12×12 with:

  • The processing of all the film rolls from the marathon
  • 4″x6″ prints of all the photos processed for the Raw Talent 2012 exhibit
  • Digital scanning for all the exhibit photos to upload to our Flickr account

City of Vancouver LogoCity of Vancouver
City of Vancouver Art & Cultural Activities
City of Vancouver Events Calendar

As our newest sponsor, the City of Vancouver is sponsoring this year’s 12×12 with:

  • A dramatically subsidized rental fee for the use of the magnificent heritage Salt Building in The Village on  False Creek for Raw Talent 2012. Without the extremely generous support from the City of Vancouver, the exhibit venue would have cost us $10,000, something we would have never been able to afford without them.

Lynda LogoLynda.com
Tel: 1.888.33.LYNDA

A supporter since 2011, Lynda.com is supporting this year’s marathon with:

  • A cheque in the amount of $500
  • A 1-year premium subscription membership
  • 1-month free subscriptions for all 60 of our marathoners
  • DVD titles from their collection of courses

Six Cent Press Logo

Six Cent Press
1880 Powell Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604.216.0405

A 12×12 supporter since 2010, Six Cent Press has sponsored us with:

  • 100 twin sets of their custom 1.25″ buttons with packaging, a very special commemorative and collectible memento of 12×12

It goes without saying that we owe much of our success to all of our generous and supportive sponsors. Hence the selection of “Foundation” as the theme for the Sponsor Challenge. Without this solid foundation, there would be no 12×12. We share a special connection with everyone we work with to bring you this annual event. We hope you are as proud of it as we are ♥

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