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12x12 Vancouver

Photo by John Biehler

It’s interesting how you can live in a city for years without actually knowing it all that well. This became apparent to me when I found myself on my way home from a meeting about the marathon and got a call from an unknown number. “Hi, this is Stacey from the Vancouver Lookout” a friendly voice said and I was stumped. Having just talked to several journalists my immediate assumption based on the name alone was that this must be another newspaper. Needless to say this was way off and what Stacey had to offer had nothing to do with print and everything to do with perspective.

A view of the world (or at least a small part of it)

If you don’t know already, the Vancovuer Lookout is the observation deck of the big tower on top of Harbour Centre in downtown Vancouver direcly below the famously revolving restaurant: A quick ride in a glass elevator leading to spectacular views of the city and what lies beyond. It’s an attracktion hordes of tourists take advantage of every day of the year but it is one most Vancouverites are unaware of. Just like many of the other tourist attacrtions throughout this and other metropols those with a permanent residence in the 604 region seem unwilling to play tourists in their own city. Which is too bad because gems like the Lookout are a real treat once you take the time to get up there.

High level exposure

Photo by Benjamin Luk

Photo by Benjamin Luk

So how does a lookout over the city relate to a photo contest you ask? Well, it turns out the Vancouver Lookout has a gallery space frequented by thousands of tourists and Vancouverites every month: A wide alcove along the core of the tower where artists and photographers display their work. And while the space isn’t big enough to house our entire Raw Talent exhibition, it has plenty of room to showcase the 12×12 winners. For a substantial ammount of time. You’d be hard pressed to get more high level exposure than that – both literally and figuratively.

In short, once the Raw Talent exhibit is over and the Olympics have passed through our beautiful town the winning photographs from 12×1209 will be displayed in the gallery space at the Vancouver Lookout for between 4 and 6 weeks (TBD) accompanied by photographer names and info. Thus our winning photos will get some truly international exposure before being handed over to the winners themselves.

The Vancouver Lookout also gave all the participants of the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon unrestricted access to their facilities throughout the event to provide an alternate viewpoint of our fair city allowing amongst others committee members John Biehler and Benjamin Luk to take the awesome photos featured in this article.

About the Vancouver Lookout

vancouverlookoutSituated high above Vancouver, the Lookout is the perfect first stop for visitors and locals alike and provides a fascinating bird’s eye view of our City. Glass elevators whisk visitors 130 meters (430 feet) skyward from street level to the Observation Deck in a mere 40 seconds. Here you will enjoy a riveting and spectacular 360º view of the most beautiful city in the world. Admission includes The Armstrong Gallery, named after astronaut and first man on the moon Neil Armstrong who opened the Lookout in 1977, features exhibits by local artists. Rotated every month, the artwork is for sale and makes an excellent keepsake of Vancouver, while discovering Art in the Sky.

We are thrilled to have the Vancouver Lookout on board as one of our sponsors and look forward to displaying the winner photos in The Armstrong Gallery for the world to see. Be sure to check out their website and follow Vancouver Lookout on Twitter @VanLookout.

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