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Posted by on December 11, 2009 at 9:49 pm.

London Drugs Photo LabLast Friday we put a call out to photo labs asking for help with film development, digital scans and printing of the now 720 photos produced by the 60 participants in the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon. This part of the project was by far the most costly and was in danger of pushing us into the red. The hope was that a photo lab would come to our aid and we’re excited to announce that London Drugs has answered our call:

London Drugs (follow them on Twitter @LondonDrugs) and their Photo Lab is now the official photo development lab for the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon providing development, scans and prints for all the photos. In addition they are also providing an identifying marker (which will remain a secret) so we and the participants can see who is part of the challenge as well as other materials to help with the event.

Attention to details makes all the difference

We are especially thrilled to have London Drugs on board because they are one of the few large scale labs that does development right. Let me explain what that means in a bit more detail: When you get your photos printed – especially from film – the way that film is handled during the printing process makes a huge difference in how well your photos turn out. When the film is fed through the scanner the developer is faced with two options: Either pass it through at standard settings assuming the exposure and colours are perfect or take the time to set the proper exposure and colour correction for each photo as it passes through. The first option is quick, easy and produces great photos only if the exposures on the film is perfect (which pretty much never happens). The second opiton is labour intensive and requires a well trained eye but the result is great looking prints even from sub-standard negatives. And that’s what you get from London Drugs Photo Lab: Supperior photos from attention to details.

Just so it’s said: I’m not just saying this because London Drugs is helping us out. I worked in two photo labs in Norway, both with the same policy as London Drugs. We repeatedly went to other labs to get films developed just to show what a difference it makes when you get your pictures printed at a “proper” lab. And the difference is quite striking. So when I moved to Vancouver I looked for a lab that met my ridiculously high standards and London Drugs was the only one that fit the bill.

About London Drugs’ photo lab services

Digital technology has ushered in a new era of recreational photography, and London Drugs is leading the way. We continue to print outstanding photos using cutting-edge techology paired with trained, passionate professionals. Now, we are providing a broad range of options: photo gifts for consumers or companies, in-store kiosks, a bold new and London Drugs Photolab Home Edition for customers to design high-end photobooks.

We are thrilled to have London Drugs Photo Lab on board to ensure that all our participant photos turn out right and bring out the best in each and every grain of film. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @LondonDrugs and look them up whenever you need high quality photo printing and development services, whether it be from film or digital. They’ll make sure your pictures look the way they were intended.

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