Vancouver Photo Workshops welcomes Raw Talent

Posted by on January 12, 2010 at 8:18 pm.

After the photo marathon itself on Saturday December 12th Angela, Anny and I found ourselves on the SkyTrain on our way back home. In our bags were 60 rolls of film screaming to be developed and over 700 photos just waiting to be displayed proudly on a gallery wall. There was just one problem: We didn’t have a gallery to host the 12×12 showcase! We were all exhausted and I didn’t want to spoil the mood after a main event that went off without a hitch by reminding the girls that we needed to start looking for a space for our show. We actually thought we had one at one point. But due to miscommunications it turned out it had already been booked. And several of the other spaces suggested by our friends and accomplices were either already booked, too expensive or not built yet. We were getting dangerously close to the point where we would be royally screwed.

Then my phone beeped.

I pulled it out of my pocket and did what most people do these days: Read private emails in public. It was from a guy named Marc Koegel and the subject line read quite unambigously “I may have a venue for your Exhibition!” And reading through the email I realized that just as I was starting to worry, our spacial problems had been solved.

Vancouver Photo Workshops: Helping Photographers achieve their vision!

Walking through the small door and up two flights of stairs in a warehouse on 7th Avenue there is no indication that directly above you is a huge yet inviting space dedicated to photographic bliss known as Vancouver Photo Workshops. Past the entrance and to the left is an enormous studio space with huge silks hanging from the ceiling, comfy lounging areas, lighting equipment, backdrops, photo art and just about every tool you could possibly need to get that perfect shot caught on your favourite imaging media. And that’s just the first floor. Above is a second story of classrooms and a huge gallery. Just walking around the many rooms and spaces it’s clear that Koegel and his team not only love the art of photography itself but also understand that creativity is best nurtured in an environment filled with inspiration. The walls are adorned with the works of the staff as well as students, the industrial space is interspersed with calm and quiet alcoves, there is a dedicated makeup and changing room reminiscent of old time movies, a red sitting space for a relaxing snack and a conversation, in short it is the type of place you’d want to be if  you were a photographer.

And we’re getting the run of the place! Understanding our need for space and also wanting to give Vancouver photographers a place to showcase, enjoy and interact with photography Marc welcomed us with open arms (literally) and put his world into motion so that we could make Raw Talent all it could be. I’m not one to believe in fate and all that, but I believe this situation is the very definition of “serindipidy”.

About Vancouver Photo Workshops

Vancouver Photo WorkshopsVancouver Photo Workshops (VPW) was founded with the aim to help photographers achieve their vision and excellence in photography. VPW strives to serve and support the photographic community as it exists in Vancouver and beyond.

Whether you are a true beginner, aspiring amateur or seasoned professional, our intimate and focused courses and workshops are created with you in mind. We strive to provide unparalleled service and dedication to excellence. We are here to help you achieve your photographic vision!

VPW is comprised of a carefully selected team of industry professionals who pride themselves in their ability to inspire and share their unique vision and style.

Each instructor has the ability to show students both the technical, as well as, the creative aspect of photography. Our courses offer valuable insights into the essential theories of the art with a strong focus placed on hands-on learning in professional photographic environments.

Through strategic alliances with sponsors and industry partners, we can offer you a complete and professional learning experience unique to the West Coast.

Our seminars, workshops and courses are held in Vancouver largest photographic studio facility dedicated to photography. This 7000 sqft facility boasts multiple studio and shooting spaces, make-up and change rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and lounge, as well as over 2000 sqft of dedicated gallery and exhibition space. You will be trained using the latest technology (software and hardware) available on the market.

We are excited and humbly thankful for having Vancouver Photo Workshops host our exhibition and look forward to showcasing our marathoners’ photos in their great facilities. Be sure to visit their website and check out all the great classes, contests and other photo related activities they have on offer.

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  • Andrew Wong says:

    What a great finish to the Marathon! It was wonderful to see everyone’s creative ideas, some involving serendipity, others clever thinking and staging, and just plain luck (and skill, of course). What a buzz of energy! Now the problem will be keeping the event to a manageable size; many people said that they definitely wanted to participate in the next one. A big, humongous thank you to all the sponsors, and a hats off to the organizing committee. Truly amazing, thank you.

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