One week left for early bird pricing

Posted by on November 30, 2009 at 3:04 am.

Putting on an event like the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon requires a lot of logistics. We need to get film for all the participants, mamage the location on the event day, create a judging system, secure a venue for the showcase, get all the photos printed and figure out how to actually display the images at the showcase. To get things to run as smootly as possible we need to get a relatively clear picture of how many people are going to participate as early as possible. For this reason we’ve introduced early bird pricing: If you buy your ticket before midnight Sunday December 6th you pay $12 (plus the Eventbrite fee). The last week – December 7th through 10th – the price goes up to $15 (plus the Eventbrite fee). The ticket sales end on December 10th at 5pm at which point we are going out to get film and other materials for the event.

You must register by buying a ticket through the Evenbrite page to participate in the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon. Because we need to prepare films and other logistics prior to the event day we cannot accept walk-ins.

What do you get for your money?

As it states on the registration page, all you need to participate in the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon is the ticket and a 35mm camera. For your $12 you get a 12 exposure film (handed out at the event), digital development of the film and all your photos printed for the showcase. If you want the film back after we have developed it all you have to do is bring a self-addressed and stamped envelope to the event and we will return it to you. Any money left at the end of the showcase will be put forward to the next 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon.

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