2009 Judges

Posted by on December 1, 2009 at 4:12 am.

What is a contest without judges? After all, a contest – and especially a marathon – needs winners, right? Well, we went all out on this one and asked some truly high-profile people – photographers and bloggers alike – to help us decide what photos and what series are worthy to be the winners of this year’s event. And to our delight they all accepted the invitation with open arms. Vancouver truly is a social town!

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to our judges (in alphabetical order):

Rebecca BollwittRebecca Bollwitt

Website: www.miss604.com
Twitter: @Miss604

Rebecca Bollwitt, a.k.a. Miss 604, is a person whose name has become synonymous with the words “Vancouver” and “blog” – so much so in fact that a Google search for the words “vancouver blog” takes you right to her website. In addition to being a blogger and social media specialist, Rebecca is also an avid amateur photographer who in addition to shooting great nature and people frames with regular cameras has perfected the art of taking headshots of herself and others with the webcam on her Apple laptop. Even if you’ve never met Rebecca in person you’ve most likely seen her before: She was one of the Canucks fans featured in the massive poster campaign last season.

Wendy DWendy D

Website: www.wendydphotography.com
Twitter: @WendyDphoto

Wendy D is a Vancouver based photographer whose over 20 years of photographic experience has taken her from nature photography to the subject of people. Today she is probably best known for her thematic photo series such as “scream”, “underwear” and “bald” in which she invites the public to appear at her studio at a set time to help capture the different themes on film. In addition to being one of the featured artists on the Eastside Culture Crawl Wendy’s lends her passionate eye to everything from magazine covers to advertisements to CD jackets.

Bev DaviesBev Davies

Website: www.flickr.com/photos/bevdavies/
Twitter: @bev101

In the late 1970s Vancouver was a hotbed for true punk bands. And Bev Davies was there to document it all. You rarely see or hear anything about classic Vancouver punk bands like D.O.A. without some reference being made to Bev’s photos and to this day she is the go-to source for true live punk band photos. True to the punk rock culture Bev is a social activist who documents our lives through the lens – good times as well as bad and her ability to capture real moments is unrivalled.

Kris KrugKris Krüg

Website: www.kriskrug.com
Twitter: @kk

Kris Krug (with or without the umlaut) is a Vancouver photographer and technologist. His photos have been featured in everything from major music magazines to fashion periodicals and he shares his passion for photography, new media and the internet through books, social media and teaching. In short Kris is one of those rare people in which raw creative talent has merged with an understanding of what most people would term “truly geeky” to produce a powerhouse.

Benjamin LukBenjamin Luk

Website: www.benjaminlukphotography.com
Twitter: @BenjaminLuk

Benjamin Luk is the planning committee representative in the judging panel. He is a Vancouver photographer who in addition to snapping shots for clients has directed short films and does lighting work for film and television as an IATSE 891 permittee. Benjamin is a self-professed “digital arts nerd”, plays the drums in a band and owns two guitars and a trumpet he doesn’t know how to play.

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