2013 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon!

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2013 12x12 Press Release HeaderDRIVEN BY PHOTOGRAPHY
The 5th Annual 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon: Commercial Drive Edition

Vancouver, BC (July 15, 2013): Summer always sees the return of the city’s many beloved events. The 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon is one of them and it is back on Saturday August 31st for another exhilarating round of creative challenges that is sure to inspire those driven by photography.

A 35mm camera being the only requirement, recreational and professional photographers will each be assigned a 12-exposure roll of film (yes, film!). Beginning at 10am and at the top of every hour for the next 12 hours, a theme will be randomly drawn and released. With only 1 exposure allowed for each theme, participants must interpret and capture them in the correct sequence and on time. Once the clock strikes 10pm, only the completed rolls that have been returned will move on to the final phase of the challenge. Negatives will be developed and judged after the marathon, the results of which will be showcased at a free public exhibit where more than 700 photos will be on display and the winning entries announced and celebrated.

Be it to express, provoke, document, exalt, or humble, all photographers are driven by an inexplicable compulsion to communicate using one of the most powerful mediums available: The camera. But is the ubiquity of smartphones, boasting upwards of 41 megapixels, now blurring the lines of communication? As much as people love to see mouth-watering food truck fare and impossibly cute kittens in crocheted costumes, one can’t help but wonder what effects this digital deluge will have on the classic art form of photography. 12×12 strips away all filters and effects to help you reconnect with your subject. “It has encouraged me to become more decisive in the way I photograph,” reflects 2012 winner Ryan Mah. “With a single image or many, what stays ‘in’ or ‘out’ of frame becomes crucial in telling a compelling story.” As 4-time marathoner Elizabeth Peña attests, “12×12 has allowed me to challenge the way I look at photography and the world…it presses your limitations and creativity.”

“If you’re driven by photography,” says creator Morten Rand-Hendriksen, “this ride’s for you.”

SATURDAY AUGUST 31st, 2013 • 10AM – 10PM

The 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon is the first not-for-profit annual photo marathon in British Columbia and one of the rare film-based ones in the world. It is open to anyone with a 35mm film camera. Tickets ($36 + Eventbrite fee each) must be purchased in advance, include film, and will go on sale at 8pm on Wednesday July 31st, 2013. Last year’s marathon sold out in 1 minute (that’s right, ONE minute), so mark your calendars if you don’t want to miss out on this highly anticipated event!

Check out the full 2013 12×12 Media Kit for more details!


For more information or to book an interview, please contact:
Angela Chih, Event Producer
c: 778.388.3690

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