2011 Audience Picks

Posted by on October 3, 2011 at 8:41 am.

Attendees of Raw Talent 2011: The Third Annual 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon Exhibit were given the chance to fill out ballots to cast votes for their favourite photos. Here are the results from the tally.

Audience Pick for Best Series: #39 Kenny Louie

Audience Pick for Best Series Runner-Up: #46 Eric Tong

Audience Pick for Best Photo:
#56 Ryan Mah for Theme #11 (Not for Sale)

Audience Pick for Best Photo Runner-Up:
#40 Michael Lawrence for Theme #09 (Take it to the Grave)

Audience Pick for Individual Themes:

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Theme 01 (My Entry Number + Different Angle): #08 Yvonne Fong

Theme 02 (The Usual Suspects): #40 Michael Lawrence

Theme 03 (Human Nature): #39 Kenny Louie

Theme 04 (Reliable): #50 Shannon Leonard

Theme 05 (My Greatest Wish): #08 Yvonne Fong

Theme 06 (Odour): #56 Ryan Mah

Theme 07 (Echo): #47 Kathy Booth

Theme 08 (Trapped): #08 Yvonne Fong

Theme 09 (Take it to the Grave): #40 Michael Lawrence

Theme 10 (Second Chance): #53 Ian Kerr

Theme 11 (Not for Sale): #56 Ryan Mah

Theme 12 (Expectation): #39 Kenny Louie

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