2009 Winning Photos

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The first ever 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon saw the participation of 57 photographers who produced over 680 photos. From this enormous pool we asked our judges to pick four main winners: Best Series, Best Creative, Best Theme Interpretation and Best Aesthetic as well as 12 theme winners. Below are the winning photos.

Best Series: #38 Aaron MacFarlane

Best Theme Interpretation: #32 Michael Lawrence

Best Theme Interpretation: Michael Lawrence, High Hope

Best Creative: #51 Jason Strelaeff

Best Creative: Jason Strelaeff, Loud

Best Aesthetic: #60 Philip Wu

Best Aesthetic: Philip Wu, Panhandle

Individual Theme Winners

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Theme 01 (My Entry Number): #36 Peter Lowery

Theme 02 (High Hope): #02 Peter Andersen

Theme 03 (Nosy): #43 Elizabeth Peña

Theme 04 (Blank): #06 Tyler Branston

Theme 05 (Loud): #16 Jonathan Evans

Theme 06 (Wild Goose Chase): #43 Elizabeth Peña

Theme 07 (Wild Things): #14 Bruce Entus

Theme 08 (Tie): #24 Daniel Jackson

Theme 09 (Perform): #27 Lauren Keogh

Theme 10 (Flash): #32 Michael Lawrence

Theme 11 (Nickel & Dime): #28 Ian Kerr

Theme 12 (Panhandle): #60 Philip Wu

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