12×12 Winners displayed at Blenz Coffee

Posted by on April 23, 2010 at 6:01 pm.

What’s the point of taking a great photo if no one gets to see it? In the planning of 12×12 we were fortunate enough to get the support of Blenz Coffee in Vancouver. Not only did they agree to host the marathon itself and even provide each of the participants with a gift card to the store, but they offered to display the winning photos on the Point of Sale screens in their stores throughout the lower mainland.

This week Blenz started displaying the winning photos in a cycle of two new ones every two days throughout their system. So if you step into a Blenz location any time in the next week and a half and look at the screen next to the cachier that lists out your purchases you’ll see the photos taken on that cold December day last year. I don’t know about you but if I had my photos displayed so prominently in a store I’d be mighty proud.

The cycle started April 20th and will continue to run until May 7th. For a full schedule see the list below. So grab your camera, head out for a coffee at your favourite Blenz location and check out the photos from our fantastic participants.

April 20 – 21: Aaron MacFarlane & Michael Lawrence (Best Series & Best Theme Interpretation)
April 22 – 23: Jason Strelaeff & Philip Wu (Best Creative & Best Aesthetic)
April 24 – 26: Peter Lowery & Peter Andersen (Themes 1 & 2: My Entry Number & High Hope)
April 27 – 28: Elizabeth Peña & Tyler Branston (Themes 3 & 4: Nosy & Blank)
April 29 – 30: Jonathan Evans & Elizabeth Peña (Themes 5 & 6: Loud & Wild Goose Chase)
May 1 – 3: Bruce Entus & Daniel Jackson (Themes 7 & 8: Wild Things & Tie)
May 4 – 5: Lauren Keogh & Michael Lawrence (Themes 9 & 10: Perform & Flash)
May 6 – 7: Ian Kerr & Phil Wu (Themes 11 & 12: Nickel and Dime & Panhandle)

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