12×12 Pivot Collection & Tweet Map Go Live!

Posted by on September 11, 2010 at 10:26 pm.

The 12×12 PhotoPivot Collection

Going through about 1,400 photos from the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon can be a true challenge. Or at least it used to be until now. With the help of Chris Arnold from PhotoPivot.com we have developed a Live Labs Pivot collection of all the photos from our events. The pivot collection lets you easily sort through the photos, zoom in and out, see only photos from one theme or only one participant. It’s really quite intuitive and requires very little explanation. Simply open it in your browser and play around with it and you’ll see how easy it is.

The application gives you a whole new perspective on all the photos entered in the contest and you’re likely to discover new favourites you didn’t know were there. If you do find a photo you like, you can double-click on that photo and you’re taken straight to the Flickr page for that shot where you can leave a comment or add it to a gallery.

The PhotoPivot collection requires that you have Silverlight installed. Silverlight is a runtime environment similar to Flash and is a quick download and automatic install on PCs and Macs alike.

The 12×12 Tweet Map

As mentioned in a previous post, to help people keep track of what’s going on during 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon we have created a Tweet Map specifically for the event. The map will display all geo located tweets tagged with #12x12yvr and you can also set it to display only the tweets from one participant. In addition the page shows a live feed of all Flickr photos tagged with 12x12yvr, so update often to see the latest postings.


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