The 12×12 Team

Creator, 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon

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Twitter: @mor10

Norwegian by birth, Morten came to Vancouver in 2002 to pursue a career in whatever fit his fancy. A philosopher by education he’s worn many hats, from professional politician to jeweller to TV producer to published writer. Right now his title is Creative Director of Pink & Yellow Media, but his true passion lies in trying to capture and communicate emotion through media; and for that the camera is a great tool.  The Vancouver Photo Marathon is Morten’s brainchild though with the addition of the rest of the team it has grown into so much more.

Event Producer, 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon
Twitter: @AngelaChih

Angela Chih is maybe more known to the TV world than the photography world having worked on local TV shows like Urban Rush, BreakfastTelevision and CBC’s Living Vancouver in different capacities, most notably as a producer. She is also the brains and technical talent behind, a lifestyles video blog with well over 14,000,000 views on YouTube. And to top it off she is an organizational wiz, making her an invaluable asset to anyone putting on an event like this one.

Photographer, 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon
Twitter: @BenjaminLuk

Benjamin Luk is a professional photographer based in Vancouver, BC. Despite his young age, Ben has had experience dealing with all aspects of digital media. He has directed short films, worked for clients in San Francisco, and does lighting work for film and television as an IATSE 891 permittee. In addition to being a digital arts nerd, Ben is also a drummer and owns two guitars and a trumpet he doesn’t know how to play.