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When and where will the photo exhibit be held?

Raw Talent 2011: The 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon Exhibit
Sunday, September 25th, 2011 • 6 – 10PM • FREE
PhotoHaus Gallery at Vancouver Photo Workshops
14 West 7th Ave, Vancouver (between Ontario & Manitoba)
Please RSVP at rawtalent2011.eventbrite.com

14 West 7th Ave, Vancouver

Who will be showcased at Raw Talent 2011?

Every registered ticket holder who participated on August 6th, 2011 will have his/her photo series showcased in its entirety.

What awards are being given?

Four main awards will be presented at the exhibit for: Best Series, Best Photo and runner-ups for both. The 12 photos that best represent the 12 themes drawn during the marathon will also be recognized.

What are the winners awarded?

The four main winners will each receive courtesy of Opus, one 24”x36” digital print of their winning photo mounted on Aluminum Mounting Panels (valued at $260.28+taxes each) – for Best Series and Best Series Runner-Up, one print of a pre-selected photo from the series.

Winners of the 12 themes will each receive an 8”x12” laminated canvas print on 1.5” stretchers (valued at $61.01+taxes each) courtesy of Opus.

What should I wear to the art exhibit?

Though a casual event, everyone is encouraged to dress to the nines and show up in style for a classy event. There will be photo ops a plenty! Please RSVP at: rawtalent2011.eventbrite.com.

Why put on this event?

12×12 Creator Morten Rand‐Hendriksen initiated this project from a desire to offer recreational and professional shutterbugs an opportunity to brandish their talents as well as Vancouver’s many charms in a way never before done. With the ubiquity of the digital lens on cameras, phones, computers and just about anything that runs on a battery, “we’ve lost some of the thrill that comes from pressing the shutter release and not knowing exactly what that will produce,” says Rand-Hendriksen. That’s what participating in this marathon offers. It makes photography – in its purest form – exciting again. The exhibit is a way of introducing the talented marathoners to everyone in Vancouver and to inspire everyone to pick up a film camera and get creative.

How can I take part in the next marathon?

Anyone with a 35mm camera is eligible to purchase a ticket to the next marathon, which usually becomes available a month before the event. Updates will be announced on this site, through Twitter at www.Twitter.com/12x12yvr, and Facebook at www.Facebook.com/12x12yvr. If you wish to be added to the mailing list, please send Angela an email through the contact page.

How can I contribute to this initiative?

12×12 is a not‐for‐profit endeavour with a very strong artistic community building dream, so any financial contributions towards the exhibit and/or future photo marathons are welcome. Event sponsorship in the form of products and services are also welcome. Please email event producer Angela Chih with inquiries.

Where can I find out more about the marathoners?

Check out the exhibit and meet them in person, of course! Behind‐the‐scenes photos from August 6th can also be found on Flickr and updates can be found on Twitter, where a Marathoners List is available for you to follow.

You can also view the 2011 Yearbook, which has links to each marathoner’s online profile.

Who are the judges?

Fiona Forbes
Co-host, ShawTV’s Urban Rush

Described by Hollywood guru Larry Moss as a woman with “chutzpah who reminds me of Lucille Ball,” Fiona co-hosts the award-winning entertainment talk show Urban Rush.

After being told by Regis Philbin that “You’ve got something kid!” she has gone on to receive accolades such as “Favourite TV Personality” and numerous other Reader’s Choice and Industry awards.

Fiona has done over 15,000 interviews with top names from the worlds of film, television, music, literature, sports and pop culture. Along the way Fiona has been schooled in politics from Arnold Schwarzenegger…music and hockey from Michael Buble…booty-pops from the Pussycat Dolls and learned to play the drums with GLEE’S Cory Montieth.


Syx Langemann
Instructor, Vancouver Photo Workshops

Syx has been creating arresting images and photographing his own unique world since 1993.

His models often find themselves in strange angular poses, gently contorting and twisting to fit with the frame. His Classically Twisted Nudes challenge the viewer to discover new ways of seeing beauty. This work has been exhibited at the Douglas Udell Gallery, used on the set of The “L” Word, and published in international magazine Skin Two as well as The Photo Fetish Anthologies 3 & 4.

He has worked with many different subjects over the years. Recent projects include: No Graffito & Once I Was a Camera which explores his own version of street photography and the formal construction of images.


Samir Maktabi
Co-organizer, FotoMarathon (Copenhagen)

The original and oldest of its kind, the Danish FotoMarathon, which runs both a 12-hour & a 24-hour version concurrently, held its 23rd iteration on August 27th, 2011.

Samir also manages Photomarathon.com – an umbrella site for all the photo marathons around the world that provides assistance to anyone interested in starting one. In January of this year, Samir helped organize the first ever photo marathon in the Middle East which took place in Cairo just weeks before the public uprising.

Samir calls himself a “serious amateur photographer” and has over 10 years of photography under his belt. He also blogs about his craft and teaches classes on model photography and other subjects.


Mystery Judge!

The 2011 judging panel also has a mystery judge this year. To find out who that is, check out the exhibit! Please RSVP at: rawtalent2011.eventbrite.com.



Lynda.com donated $1,000 to help fund the many costs associated with 12×12. One-month Lynda.com access was also given to every registered marathoner, and for raffle prizes, a one-year premium Lynda.com subscription, as well as photography courses on DVD have been donated.

Opus Framing & Art Supplies donated four 24”x36” digital prints mounted on aluminum mounting panels for the four main winners, as well as twelve 8”x12” laminated canvas prints on 1.5” stretchers. Participant package reusable roll-up bags for all marathoners were also very thoughtfully provided. This is Opus’ third consecutive year as a 12×12 Silver Sponsor.

London Drugs donated all of the film and development services, including digital file conversions. Participant package tags and lanyards for all marathoners were also very thoughtfully provided. This is London Drugs’ third consecutive year as a 12×12 Silver Sponsor.

PhotoHaus Gallery at the Vancouver Photo Workshops provided the beautiful and spacious venue necessary to showcase the over 700 photos on display at Raw Talent 2011. This is the VPW’s third consecutive year as a 12×12 Silver Sponsor.
www.PhotoHausGallery.com & www.VancouverPhotoWorkshops.com

Vancouver Lookout offered all registered marathoners free access to the Vancouver Lookout on August 6th & 7th, and will be showcasing the winning photographs in its gallery for an extended viewing following Raw Talent. Marathon winners and their families will also receive a discount to gain access to the Lookout to view the gallery.


Beau Photo donated $250 in addition to two gift certificates towards the rental of photography equipment.

Akash Sablok donated $250 in addition to an assortment of door prizes for the marathoners during the main event.

Six Cent Press donated 400 custom commemorative buttons to give way to marathoners and supporters of the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon.

Pearson Publishing donated over a dozen beautiful photography titles from their extensive collection.

Stephen Fung donated a treasure trove of door prizes for the marathoners on the day of the main event.



Where and when will the event be held?

Home base for the marathon on Saturday August 6th, 2011 will be Urban Rush Cafe & Catering: 1040 Denman St, Vancouver (English Bay). Registration begins at 9am and the marathon takes place from 10am to 10pm.

The exhibit showcasing all the photographs taken during the marathon will be held on Sunday September 25th, 2011 in the halls of PhotoHaus Gallery at the Vancouver Photo Workshops: 14 West 7th Ave, Vancouver. This showcase will then be followed by an extended exhibit of the winners in the gallery of the Vancouver Lookout: 555 West Hastings St, Vancouver.

How much are the tickets?

$24 is the ticket price per entry and will be available for purchase starting at 8pm on Wednesday July 6th, 2011 at VancouverPhotoMarathon.com. Tickets will not be sold during the marathon. Please note that half the tickets were sold out within 8 minutes last year, with the remainder snapped up in 24 hours so if you really want to get in on the fun this time around, get yourself close to a computer by 8pm on July 6th, 2011.

It’s called a marathon. Do I have to run?

No, there is no running required. The name “Photo Marathon” stems from the long duration of the contest more than the activity involved. Running is not required but there’s a good chance some of the participants will be running from place to place to get the photos they want.

Do I need to bring my own film / Do I need to develop my own film?

No, participants do not need to bring their own film. Each participant will be provided with a marked roll of 35mm film during event registration (9am ‐ 10am) on Saturday August 6th, 2011. Participants will be required to return the spent film by 10pm and it will be developed for them. Prints will be showcased on Sunday September 25th, 2011 and all the photos will then be uploaded to the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon Flickr account for public viewing.

Do I need to be a professional photographer to participate?

No, photo enthusiasts of all skill levels are encouraged to participate. Each of our marathons has welcomed men and women from all walks of life, from professional photographers to a construction worker, a dental hygienist, a diamond mine worker from the Northwest Territories, and even someone legally blind! All you need is a love of photography, a 35mm camera, creative ideas and lots of energy.

What kind of camera or equipment do I need to participate / What is a 35mm film camera?

To participate, all you need is a functional 35mm camera, which is any camera that takes pictures using “regular” film. Most of the older photo cameras are 35mm cameras. Just make sure it opens in the back so you can insert the film (in contrast, an APS camera only has a small hole on the bottom where you drop the film in). If you are unsure if your camera is a 35mm camera, take it to a photo store to inquire, or contact us with the name of the camera and we’ll be happy to find out for you.

What will the themes be and what will they be judged based on?

On marathon day (August 6th, 2011), one theme will be randomly drawn and announced at the top of every hour starting at 10am. Themes can be anything from single words to short phrases that are open to interpretation. Past examples include “loud,” “wild goose chase,” “torn apart,” “nosy,” and “Vague.” Participants will only have one exposure to capture each theme in the exact sequence that they are given. Photos will then be judged on creativity, aesthetics, theme interpretation, and overall series.

Will themes be announced via Twitter/Facebook at the top of each hour?

No. Not everyone has a smart phone so to level the playing field and increase the challenge, participants must return to home base at the top of each hour to receive the theme of the hour. However, participants may share information amongst each other at their discretion.

What happens to the negatives afterwards / Can I have mine back?

Yes. All negatives will be available for pickup during the exhibit on Sunday September 25th, 2011 at PhotoHaus Galleryat the Vancouver Photo Workshops.

Who are the judges?

This year’s awesome panel of judges include:

Fiona Forbes, co-host of ShawTV’s Urban Rush
Syx Langemann, instructor at Vancouver Photo Workshops
Samir Maktabi, current organizer of FotoMarathon (Copenhagen) – The original photo marathon
A mystery guest judge!

How many people are participating?

Officially, a maximum of 60. However, participants are welcomed and encouraged to bring along any friends or family members for inspiration or to lend an extra pair of hands.

Where does the money from ticket sales go?

The 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon is a not‐for‐profit initiative and we strive to make it as affordable as we can. The ticket price helps cover the many expenses incurred by running the marathon and the subsequent exhibit. It also helps pay for things like site domain, the Flickr Pro account, event insurance and rentals. We are seeking out sponsorships from individuals or organizations that are interested in supporting the 12×12. Please refer to page 7 for more information on how you can become a sponsor.

Who created the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon?

Morten Rand‐Hendriksen of Pink & Yellow Media imported the idea of a photo marathon and created the 12×12 to offer photographers a fun and creative challenge using the classic medium of film.

Click here to download a PDF version

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