Raw Talent at the Salt Building

A Crowdfunding Project

Raw Talent at the Salt Building

Raw Talent: The 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon Exhibit will be hosted at the Salt Building in The Village on False Creek. To make this happen, and to make Raw Talent 2012 into a true celebration of 12×12 and photography in Vancouver, we need your help! Check out the donation levels and what you get on the right-hand side. Every dollar counts in this not-for-profit community-building project!

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After hearing Morten Rand-Hendriksen tell some friends about the idea of a photo marathon in Vancouver for the umpteenth time one fateful day in the summer of 2009, Angela Chih – his wife and partner in crime – had simply had enough. Her ultimatum: “Either you make it happen, or you stop talking about it!” The rest is history.

The 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon was a crazy dream that became more real than we could ever have imagined.

The thing with dreams though, is that they never stop. Ours only get bigger and crazier. Take our venue for this year’s exhibit, for instance: The 13,000 sq ft heritage Salt Building in The Village on False Creek (popularly known as the Olympic Village).

Salt Building

Raw Talent 2012 at the Salt Building

NB: If you are considering a $1000, $3000 or $5000 donation, please get in touch with us directly through our sponsorship inquiry form.

Now in its 4th year, 12×12 is ready to evolve, to take on new challenges, and to grow into its role. To help us take a giant leap, we need your support.

In each cycle, 12×12 challenges photographers of all ages, experience, and walks of life to the ultimate test of skill, creativity and endurance: Capturing 12 exposures on 12 themes on a single roll of 12 exposure film over the course of 12 hours. Each theme is announced at the top of each consecutive hour, and their interpretations must be shot in the same sequence. A serious challenge even for the most seasoned professional.

And the kicker?

Once the rolls of film are developed, no one besides the organizers and judges gets to see the results until the Raw Talent exhibit. Every single photo is presented, every photographer gets equal billing, every stroke of genius and disastrous technical malfunction is bared to the world. For one day. The photos then live on Flickr under a Creative Commons licence, available for anyone to share. A photographic documentary of a day in Vancouver as seen by the people who shape the city.

The 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon is many things. It is a creative challenge, an avenue to meet like-minded people, a melting pot for ideas and collaboration. It connects. 12×12 is a community open to anyone with a love of art and photography.

The event is organized and financed by the Pink & Yellow NFP Society, a not-for-profit organization formed by Angela and Morten to create and support community events in Vancouver.

Above: A time-lapse video shot in the main hall at Raw Talent 2010

Raw Talent Exhibit