Raw Talent 2011: The 12×12 Exhibit

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Vancouver, BC (September 15, 2011): For 12 hours on a sunny Saturday, 60 adventurous people roamed the streets of downtown Vancouver capturing their interpretations of 12 themes with only 12 exposures of 35mm film. To see what these photographers shot, along with those of the other marathoners, everyone is invited to help celebrate the art of film photography as the excitement of that day’s events is relived at the 3rd annual 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon Exhibit entitled “Raw Talent.”

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 25TH, 2011 • 6 – 10 PM • FREE


Returning marathoners may have been prepared to shoot “My Entry Number”* as their first theme, but when “+ Different Angle” was added to it, “The Usual Suspects”* knew they weren’t going to be let off that easy. However, “Human Nature”* thrives on the excitement of the unexpected and having a “Reliable”* camera was the key to realizing one’s “Greatest Wish”* to complete the 12-hour challenge. Pounding the pavement on a sizzling summer day can generate an interesting “Odour,”* but thankfully the delicious aromas of Urban Rush Cafe “Echo”ed* throughout home base and some nourishment soon propelled those who had been feeling creatively “Trapped”* to get back on the hunt. Few know the behind-the-scenes stories. Some may “Take it to the Grave.”* But one thing’s for sure. Many wished they could get a “Second Chance”* at snapping that perfect frame. To the organizers though, those images are “Not for Sale.”* Your “Expectation”* of the exhibit is undoubtedly high and you will not be disappointed.

Over 700 untouched photos will be on display and the winning prints announced. This year’s esteemed panel of judges include Urban Rush’s Fiona Forbes, Vancouver Photo Workshops instructor Syx Langemann, FotoMarathon (Copenhagen) organizer Samir Maktabi, and for a 12×12 first, a mystery judge whose identity will be revealed at the exhibit. Join in on Sunday September 25th as 60 marathoners regroup with nervous anticipation to find out how their images developed. You won’t want to miss this highly anticipated event!


For more information or to book an interview, please contact:

Angela Chih, Event Producer
e: Click here to submit an email
c: 778.388.3690

* The 12 themes – in sequence – randomly drawn during the 2011 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon on August 6th

Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Click here to watch a time-lapse video of Raw Talent 2010
Click here to watch a feature on the 2010 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon & Exhibit

Meetup: Jul 30 • 1 – 4PM • Smiley’s Public House

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Whether you’re a registered marathoner for this year’s cycle, a past marathoner, on the waitlist, interested in film photography, curious about 12×12, or just tagging along with a friend, come and join the fun!

Wouldn’t it be great to meet some of the marathoners that you’ll be running next to at the 2011 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon before the actual event on August 6th? To share tips, get advice from those who’ve done it before, size up one another? ;o) Well, we thought so! Exactly one week before this year’s cycle, we’re all going to gather at Smiley’s Public House, a stone’s throw from the Burrard Skytrain Station.

RSVP and we’ll have a name tag ready for you. See you all THIS Saturday!


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Fiona Forbes
Co-host, ShawTV’s Urban Rush

Described by Hollywood guru Larry Moss as a woman with “chutzpah who reminds me of Lucille Ball,” Fiona co-hosts the award-winning entertainment talk show Urban Rush.

After being told by Regis Philbin that “You’ve got something kid!” she has gone on to receive accolades such as “Favourite TV Personality” and numerous other Reader’s Choice and Industry awards.

Fiona has done over 15,000 interviews with top names from the worlds of film, television, music, literature, sports and pop culture. Along the way Fiona has been schooled in politics from Arnold Schwarzenegger…music and hockey from Michael Buble…booty-pops from the Pussycat Dolls and learned to play the drums with GLEE’S Cory Montieth.


Syx Langemann
Instructor, Vancouver Photo Workshops

Syx has been creating arresting images and photographing his own unique world since 1993.

His models often find themselves in strange angular poses, gently contorting and twisting to fit with the frame. His Classically Twisted Nudes challenge the viewer to discover new ways of seeing beauty. This work has been exhibited at the Douglas Udell Gallery, used on the set of The “L” Word, and published in international magazine Skin Two as well as The Photo Fetish Anthologies 3 & 4.

He has worked with many different subjects over the years. Recent projects include: No Graffito & Once I Was a Camera which explores his own version of street photography and the formal construction of images.


Samir Maktabi
Co-organizer, FotoMarathon (Copenhagen)

The original and oldest of its kind, the Danish FotoMarathon, which runs both a 12-hour & a 24-hour version concurrently, held its 23rd iteration on August 27th, 2011.

Samir also manages Photomarathon.com – an umbrella site for all the photo marathons around the world that provides assistance to anyone interested in starting one. In January of this year, Samir helped organize the first ever photo marathon in the Middle East which took place in Cairo just weeks before the public uprising.

Samir calls himself a “serious amateur photographer” and has over 10 years of photography under his belt. He also blogs about his craft and teaches classes on model photography and other subjects.


MYSTERY JUDGE (Revealed 11.09.25): Dan Jackson
Freelance Photographer & 2-Time 12×12 Marathoner

A 1995 graduate of Emily Carr University of Art & Design’s photography department, Dan began his career working in editorial portraiture shooting local and int’l personalities.

After shooting over a hundred covers for publications in North America and Asia, he now works primarily in advertising and art direction. His background in fine art and art history remains the cornerstone of his picture making process and give his work an illustrative and painterly feel.

In 2000 he founded Studio 730 which operates as a commercial photo studio and exhibit space. Recently Dan began writing and illustrating a book based on his grad thesis and hosts an annual public exhibition and open house every June at Studio 730.

Chasing the Light: The 3rd Annual 12×12!

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The 3rd Annual 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon: Summer Edition

Vancouver, BC (June 20th, 2011): In 2009 they froze the unique darkness of Vancouver’s winter. In 2010 they captured the city’s essence on a rainy day. This year, Freyr permitting, the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon participants will be chasing the light, exposing the beauty of Vancouver’s summer.

On Saturday August 6th 2011, photographers will be packing light, trading in their parkas and umbrellas for shorts and shades before making their way down to the eclectic English Bay area and the hub of this year’s marathon. With a 35mm camera as the only requirement to take part, 60 recreational and professional photographers will each be given a marked roll of film containing 12 exposures. Beginning at 10am and at the top of every hour for the next 12 hours, a theme will be randomly drawn and released. Participants must interpret and capture each theme with one single exposure of film in the exact sequence that they are revealed. Once the clock strikes 10pm, only the completed rolls that have been returned will move on to the next stage of the challenge.

Negatives will be developed and judged after the marathon, the results of which will be showcased at a public exhibit in the halls of PhotoHaus Gallery at the Vancouver Photo Workshops where more than 700 photos will be on display. The winning entries will be announced and celebrated, then elevated to the gallery walls of the Vancouver Lookout for an extended showing to local and international photo enthusiasts.

With the ubiquity of the digital lens on cameras, phones, computers and just about anything that runs on a battery, “we’ve lost some of the thrill that comes from pressing the shutter release and not knowing exactly what that will produce,” says 12×12 creator Morten Rand-Hendriksen. That’s what participating in this marathon offers. It makes photography – in its purest form – exciting again. “Plus,” adds Rand-Hendriksen, “how often are you going to be able to brag about crossing the finish line of a 12-hour marathon without ever setting foot in a gym!”

SATURDAY AUGUST 6TH, 2011  •  10AM – 10PM

12×12 is open to anyone with a 35mm film camera. Tickets ($24) must be purchased in advance, include film, and will go on sale here at 8pm July 6th, 2011. Updates can be found at VancouverPhotoMarathon.com, Twitter.com/12x12YVR, and Facebook.com/12x12YVR.

A collaboration of snap-happy Morten Rand-Hendriksen & Angela Chih of Pink & Yellow Media, marketing consultant Anny Chih, and Benjamin Luk of Benjamin Luk Photography, the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon is the first not-for-profit annual film-based photography contest in British Columbia.


For more information or media inquiries, please contact:

Angela Chih, Event Producer
e: Click here to submit an email
c: 778.388.3690

Here are the links to the full media kit:

Page 1: Cover/Poster
Page 2: Media Release
Page 3: Event Photos
Page 4: Media Coverage
Page 5: What Marathoners are Saying About 12×12
Page 6: Frequently Asked Questions
Page 7: Sponsor Packages

Click here to download the full Media Kit in PDF format

Get your official 12×12 T-shirt now!

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Finally, after way too long, they are here: The Official 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon t-shirts. And you can get one (or two, or three) of your very own. Just visit our store and place your order.

This first extremely limited run is printed on black Gildan Ultra Cotton shirts in sizes S, M, L and XL. They are all men’s sizes but as you can see from the picture of Anny it fits women too.

The design features the text “12 HOURS THEMES EXPOSURES” on the front left in white, the 12×12 logo in white and blue on the left sleeve and the text “www.vancouverphotomarathon.com” across the back.

We have very limited quantities of these shirts in house and once they’re gone, they’re gone. The next run of shirts will not be done until 12×12 2011. T-shirts can be purchased with tickets for 12x12yvr 2011.

2010 Audience Picks

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To supplement the judges’ picks for the official winners of the 2010 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon we also asked the attendees of Raw Talent 2010 to fill out a ballot aptly called “You Be The Judge” and pick their own favourites. The response was massive and we have meticulously counted all the ballots to bring you the audience favourites for 2010. Did the audience agree with the judges? See for yourself:

Audience Pick for Best Series: #43 Bob Lai

Audience Pick for Best Series Runner-Up: #34 Kenny Louie

Audience Pick for Best Photo:
#02 Robert Fougere for Theme #2 (The High Road)

Audience Pick for Best Photo Runner-Up:
#32 Aaron MacFarlane for Theme #2 (The High Road)

Audience Pick for Individual Themes:

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Theme 01 (My Entry Number): #02 Robert Fougere

Theme 02 (The High Road): #32 Aaron MacFarlane

Theme 03 (Torn Apart): #38 Cherry Vega

Theme 04 (Expendables): #20 Ian Thomson

Theme 05 (Ultimate): *TIE* between #34 Kenny Louie & #47 Kemp Edmonds

Theme 06 (Secret World): #31 Leah Gregg

Theme 07 (Persistence): *TIE* between #14 Zachary Wong, #20 Ian Thomson, and #56 Matthew Smillie

Theme 08 (Dog Eat Dog): #58 David Liao

Theme 09 (Vague): #52 Martin Chung

Theme 10 (Resort): #23 Ben Lewis

Theme 11 (Easy as Pie): #10 Tyler Branston

Theme 12 (Unfunny): #53 Lisa King

2010 Winning Photos

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For 2010 we had 60 participants whereof 57 returned a film at the end of the day and 56 rolls were printable. From these 670+ photos our judges were asked to pick a winner and a runner-up for Best Series and Best Photo, and also pick one winner for each of the 12 themes. Without further ado, here are the winning photos.

Best Series: #34 Kenny Louie

Best Series Runner-Up: #02 Robert Fougere

Best Photo:
#02 Robert Fougere for Theme #02 (The High Road)

Best Photo Runner-Up:
#40 Matthew Sinclair for Theme #06 (Secret World)

Individual Theme Winners

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Theme 01 (My Entry Number): #02 Robert Fougere

Theme 02 (The High Road): #02 Robert Fougere

Theme 03 (Torn Apart): #34 Kenny Louie

Theme 04 (Expendables): #12 Melanie Shave

Theme 05 (Ultimate): #06 Masumi Kikuchi

Theme 06 (Secret World): #40 Matthew Sinclair

Theme 07 (Persistence):  #56 Matthew Smillie

Theme 08 (Dog Eat Dog): #02 Robert Fougere

Theme 09 (Vague): #52 Martin Chung

Theme 10 (Resort): #23 Ben Lewis

Theme 11 (Easy as Pie): #07 Dave Fell

Theme 12 (Unfunny): #53 Lisa King

12×12 on Urban Rush

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Morten, Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford

This morning we headed downtown to the Shaw tower to shoot a segment for Shaw TV’s Urban Rush with Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford. The subject: Raw Talent 2010: The 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon Exhibit which happens Saturday October 16th from 6-10pm (free event, click here for more details and to RSVP). Fiona, Mike and I geeked out over old 35mm cameras and took a look at some of the winning photos from the 2009 event. To see the whole interview tune your TV to channel 4 Tuesday October 12 at 5pm, 7pm, 11pm or Wednesday October 13 at noon.

Check out Morten’s Flickr stream for more photos.

A One-of-a-Kind Event Two Years in a Row

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Vancouver, BC (October 4, 2010): For 12 hours on a cold and rainy September Sunday, 60 resilient photographers braved the elements to capture their interpretations of 12 randomly drawn themes with only 12 exposures of 35mm film. Now it’s time to reveal the results of the 2nd annual 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon with a peek at Marathoner #2’s take on “My Entry Number*.” To see the rest of Robert Fougere’s photo set and that of our other marathoners, check out the exhibit where we will relive the excitement of that day’s events as we celebrate the art of film photography.


Despite the wet forecast on September 12th, all of our marathoners clearly took “The High Road*” and decided to take on Mother Nature’s challenge. They may have been “Torn Apart*” by the hourly themes but bouts of creativity proved that such moments were simply “Expendables*” when trying to capture the “Ultimate*” shot based on their own “Secret World*” of imagination. At the half way mark, Viktor Bounce led a re-energizing exercise to remind all the photographers that “Persistence*” pays off and not to let the “Dog Eat Dog*” world out there get them down. With this “Vague*” message, marathoners soldiered on in the hopes that they wouldn’t have to “Resort*” to clichés. It definitely wasn’t as “Easy as Pie*” and for anyone to miss the one-day exhibit would be very “Unfunny*.”

Over 700 untouched photos will be on display and prizes awarded to the best prints as adjudicated by an esteemed panel of judges that include ET Canada’s Erin Cebula, Vancouver Photo Workshops director Marc Koegel, the dynamic duo of Adam & Kev from Adam & Kev Photography, and 12×12 committee member John Biehler. Come join us on Saturday October 16th, 2010 as 60 marathoners regroup with nervous anticipation to find out how their images developed.

For more info, check out our FAQ page.

* The 12 themes – in sequence – drawn during the 2010 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon

Photos, Rain & Coffee – A True Vancouver Day

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We will post a full recap of the 2010 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon once we’ve caught our collective breaths and gotten some rest. For now just enjoy these slected photos from the ever-expanding Flickr tag set.

Right before kickoff. Photo by John Biehler

Right before kickoff. Photo by John Biehler

Neither Ben's nor Anny's themes were drawn!

12x12 registration at 7am on a Sunday. Photo by Morten Rand-Hendriksen

Madness at 12x12

Madness at 12x12. Photo by John Biehler

More to come!