2012 Judges

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Virginie Lamarche +
Bastien Desfriches Doria

Judges Bastien Desfriches Doria & Virginie LamarcheOriginally from France, Virginie & Bastien have spent the past decade in the US first getting their MFA degrees in Photography, then teaching full-time respectively at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio, and at Governors State University in Chicago, Illinois. Working in Academia allowed them to develop successful artistic careers, having both received numerous photography awards and having exhibited their fine art work nationally and internationally.

Virginie & Bastien are the co-founders of Canada’s first and exclusive film photography workshops, specializing in the teaching, promoting and publishing of contemporary film photography. VNB Fine Art Photo Workshops is all about reigniting passion for all things film and analog, and their workshops highlight the unique quality, aesthetics and artistic benefits of the film medium. VNB’s latest project is BC’s first ecologically sensitive public darkroom in the heart of downtown to give our beautiful city’s talented film photography community an innovative working and networking place to use and abuse for the sake of art.

grEGORy simpson

Judge grEGORy simpson

Equal parts philosopher and photographer, grEGORy simpson’s subject of choice is whatever or whomever no one else is bothering to photograph. Any contestant wishing to get a leg up on this years’ competition needs only to read his Bartlett’s Rejects article for insight into egor’s photography views. Right this moment, he’s likely on the streets documenting humans simply being. He might even be documenting you! His most recent photos and writings can be seen on both his ULTRAsomething site and on the Leica Camera Blog, where he writes the f/Egor column.

Jonathan Canlas

Judge Jonathan CanlasJonathan is a world-travelling film photographer who was first introduced to photography in Japan when a friend let him borrow an old Canon AE1. When he returned to the US, he became enthralled with the photographic process and eventually graduated with a degree in photography from Brigham Young University. Since that time, photography has become both his passion and his job. He has shot hundreds of events and his work has been published in several magazines. He’s loud, he’s funny, he’s an open book in every sense of the word – even down to the fact that he’s now a published author of Film Is Not Dead: A Digital Photographer’s Guide to Shooting Film, which all of this year’s winners receive a copy of. He teaches Film Is Not Dead workshops to give him an excuse to get fired up about film on a regular basis.

Although he is a giant advocate of film photography, Jon’s true passion is his family. Jon, his beautiful and talented wife Callie, and their six kids live in Lehi, Utah. Jon’s home and family is the primary feature and expression of joy – and source of inspiration – in his personal work.

Michael Lawrence

Mystery Judge (revealed September 22 at Raw Talent 2012)

Judge Michael LawrenceMichael Lawrence is a Nova Scotia expat who moved to BC in pursuit of higher education. Currently residing in Port Moody, Michael is a keen, self-taught amateur who has photographed everything from cyclists to cyclotrons, from elevations of 10,000 feet to negative 50 feet. He has a bias towards cleanliness and simplicity and is not beholden to any particular piece of equipment. He has participated in the 2009 and 2011 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathons, and empathizes with this year’s marathoners after experiencing both the lows of improperly loaded film and the highs of winning a grand prize.

Click here to view Michael Lawrence’s 2009 photo set
Click here to view Michael Lawrence’s 2011 photo set


2009 Winner for Best Theme Interpretation: High Hope by Michael Lawrence

2009 Winner for Best Theme Interpretation: High Hope by Michael Lawrence

2009 Winner for Theme 10: Flash by Michael Lawrence

2009 Winner for Theme 10: Flash by Michael Lawrence

2011 Winner for Theme 02: The Usual Suspects by Michael Lawrence

2011 Winner for Theme 02: The Usual Suspects by Michael Lawrence

2011 Winner for Theme 09: Take it to the Grave by Michael Lawrence

2011 Winner for Theme 09: Take it to the Grave by Michael Lawrence

Call for Sponsors and Donors for Raw Talent

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Raw Talent at the Salt Building

One month from now the venerable Salt Building in The Village on False Creek will play host to the 4th annual Raw Talent exhibit featuring 720 photos of Vancouver taken by 60 photographers over 12 hours on the 18th of August. To make this happen we need your help and the help of local and international businesses. We are calling for sponsors and donors to help fund this massive, free, public photo exhibit so we can take advantage of all the Salt Building has to offer and make Raw Talent 2012 a celebration of photography in Vancouver every Vancouverite can attend.

Corporate sponsors are encouraged to contact us through the sponsorship form. Donors and supporters can back us via our crowdfunding initiative. All funds raised will go towards the staging of the event, and the closer we get to our lofty goal of $10,000 the better the event will get. In return for your support you get plenty of exposure to the expected 800 – 1000 attendees as well as some cool perks and plenty of good karma. Who can ask for more?

Raw Talent is the culmination of the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon, a 12 hour test of creativity, photographic skill, and endurance. Being a film-based contest this will be the first time the photographers and the public get to see the photos from the event. The one-night-only event has seen a yearly crowd of about 400 people, and for 2012 we expect to double these numbers thanks to our larger venue and more central location.

With your support we will make a photo exhibit worthy of the most prestigious art gallery, and it will be free for anyone and everyone to attend.

Through the Looking Glass of 12×12

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What goes through a participants mind, as they peer through their camera, lining up for the perfect shot, a single shot, a vital shot, a shot permanently captured on film? Seemingly a hundred different ideas flash by, as the minutes tick down on 12×12’s hourly theme. “Do I go literal? Do I think abstract? Do I venture to find the exact setting for my ideal idea? Or do I wander and observe and let the shot come to me?”

This is what I see, as I tag along with three of this year’s 12×12 Photo Marathon participants. If you’ve ever wondered what the process has been for participants in this rather epic photo competition, well I’m here to give you the down low and dirty of it all.

It’s noon, 2 hours into the marathon on a perfect sunny day in Gastown as Shannon Leonard takes to the streets to brainstorm ideas for the hourly theme, Nude. It’s a simple one it seems, but rather difficult to interpret at the same time given 12×12’s rule of no explicit nudity.

At first thought, Shannon admits she’s thinking literal. She mentions costuming but quickly moves to thoughts of bare faces, baring it all, to be emotionally bare. Given our proximity to Pidgeon Park, her ideas wander towards those around the area, the many homeless perhaps and the bareness of their lives, stripped from the world, an emotional nudity. She decides this may be worth pursuing, so we head towards the park.

Shannon at 12x12 Vancouver Photo Marathon 2012I ask her what she thinks of the black and white theme this year. “I love colour”, she says, but black and white poses an interesting challenge for her. She particularly likes portraits in black and white where the structure and features of a person are exposed and emotion is captured more honestly. We stop and chat, all the while her eyes wander behind me. An idea has come into view. She points to a discarded tan couch in the alleyway. I can see the theme unravelling at the sight of this sad yellow couch. She is compelled to take a closer look.

The couch is definitely exposed, she explains, weathered and “nude”, forgotten and discarded. I ask her whether this is it, and I see knowing in her eyes. She sets up the shot, crouching low to get the best angle that captures the reflection in the puddle, the gritty pavement, graffiti’d walls and the narrow lane of dumpsters. A quick click of her camera and the photo is taken. She turns to me with a grin and tells me she’s captured a gem. Someone had surprisingly poked their head out of the doorway with their tongue sticking out, and she captured it all on film! Fantastic, I agree.

If there ever was a place more laid bare, this alleyway would probably be it. A fine find, and one she wasn’t necessarily looking for, but that seemingly found her instead. It appears there are many ways to find the perfect shot, but sometimes it’s the ones you’re not looking for that turn out to be the most compelling.

Bob and Ayoe at 12x12 Vancouver Photo MarathonReturning to the 12×12 headquarters at The Coffee Bar, I meet up with Bob and Ayoe, participants #2. Somewhat behind in their photos, they had two themes to capture in the next hour, but the duo appeared confident and focused. I found myself in front of Gastown’s famous Gassy Jack statue. There, the couple set up for their second thematic shot, “Looking Through the Looking Glass”. Unlike Shannon, Bob and Ayoe appeared to take a more literal approach to the theme, taking a photo literally through another camera lense aimed at Gassy Jack.

Bob and Ayoe come well prepared with a digital camera in one hand and their film camera in another. Taking multiple test shots with their digital camera before committing to film, the couple are meticulous with their shot. Are they metering correctly? Wait, Jack’s head is not in view! “Get his head into the picture!” says Ayoe. Several focused minutes later and the film camera comes out. Ayoe holds her breath to steady the lens in her hand. This is it, shoot and commit!

Asked what they thought about black and white film, Bob tells me that film is different. Unlike colour photos, one needs to consider how colour translates into black and white. Red and green, for example, appears the same in black and white. Focus must be placed more on contrast, structure, patterns, texture, shade and light. But I can tell, this duo is not intimidated by this year’s challenge. They’ve been practicing at home, they tell me, so that their digital tests will translate well on film. Clearly, 12×12 participants mean business and this duo have their process down.

Bob and Ayoe at 12x12 Vancouver Photo MarathonEvery year there are 60 stories to be told, one for each participant. Each have a different approach, a different point of view, and a different story that speaks as much about the 12 themes as the photographer’s own philosophy, narrative, and voice. Looking over the shoulders of these participants, I have come to realize that this event is more than a competition. It’s an opportunity to create a story in a medium that has to many been forgotten. And perhaps the use of black and white film is more apt than any this time around, as it strips away the noise of colour, leaving us with the core of the photo and the heart of the photographer.

Blogged by Vanessa Chu.

2012 Sponsor Photo Challenge!

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Sponsors always wonder what it’s like to do the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon so we figured, why not give them a little taste? We can’t be the only ones having all the fun! ;o)

And so the Sponsor Photo Challenge was born. With theme assignment in hand, our awesome sponsors set about the task of capturing their unique interpretation with a single shot. Here are the very cool results (in no particular order) for the theme:


Foundation by Opus Art Supplies

I hate when I’m misinterpreted. You now that annoying situation of Chinese whispers where one simple word gets blown out of context and suddenly all meaning is lost? To avoid such frustrating circumstances, I like to take things literally in all aspects of my life from conversations to image making. If you give me a theme of “foundation” then that’s exactly what I’m going to give back.

Foundation describes the ground or base upon which a structure rests. On a recent walk home to East Van from Downtown I spotted the iconic looking Science World in the background of a mess of construction work. The foundations of a new structure stood trapped behind the wire fencing, which I thought was also important to include in the image as it captures the many levels through which access is granted. From laying down the groundwork of a fence for safety, to the actual construction or deconstruction of a structure, to the finished piece: I saw it all in this frame. Interpret at your own discretion.

by Christine Redmond, Opus Art Supplies

Opus LogoOpus Art Supplies
100 – 207 West Hastings Street, Vancouver | Tel: 604.678.5889
Also on Granville Island, in North Vancouver, Langley, Victoria, and Kelowna

From day one, Opus Art Supplies has backed us up and helped us feature our winners in spectacular ways. For 2012, the always amazing team at Opus is sponsoring 12×12 with:

  • Four 24″x36″ fine art digital prints on paper and mounted on Opus Aluminum Mounting Panels for our top 4 winners (if you were at Raw Talent last year, you know how incredible these are)
  • Twelve  8″x12″ canvas prints stretched on 3/4″ stretcher bars and finished in custom cut white Opus BOD frames for our 12 individual theme winners
  • Lanyards and reusable roll-up shopping bags for the participant packages

Foundation by Photo Life Magazine

This theme inspired me to contemplate the foundational elements of my culture. The making of the “ceinture fléchée” is a part of French-Canadian history, and it’s also a part of my family’s particular cultural heritage. This traditional sash is created through a method of finger weaving developed by my ancestors a few centuries ago. At that time, the arrow sashes were worn by the general French-Canadian population, including the “coureur des bois” and the bourgeois class. This handmade traditional piece of clothing connects me to my history and origins and reminds me that creativity is a foundational element of French-Canadian culture. But, more importantly, it represents the countless hours I’ve seen my mother put into this wonderful handicraft as I sat at her side as a child, untangling the wool as the patterns were created.

My mother, my culture, my foundation.

by Valérie Racine, Editorial Director of Photo Life Magazine

Photo Life Magazine LogoPhoto Life Magazine
Tel: 1.800.905.7468
Subscriptions: 1.800.461.7468

One of our newest sponsors, Photo Life Magazine is sponsoring the 2012 12×12 with:

  • 60 magazines with special subscription rates via promo codes for the 2012 participants
  • Promotion of 12×12 through the magazine, blog, and social media
  • 120×240 banner ad on Photolife.com for one full month (value: $700)

Foundation by Beau Photo

My real life surroundings with the re-bar looking like a digital skeleton coming up from the ground…

People say that downtown Vancouver is more and more becoming an urban jungle, and this photo shows that very clearly. Tree roots are being replaced with concrete foundations which demonstrates, like in all urban environments, that man has firmly taken over control of the growth and shape of the landscape from nature. The ever changing setting grows vertically as it should, but with concrete towers instead of trees. What used to be a forest that sustained a variety of fauna is now a forest of glass high-rises, accommodating people in compartmentalized living. As an urban Vancouver dweller, this is the foundation of my landscape.

by Nicole Langdon-Davies, Film & Analog Department of Beau Photo

Beau Photo LogoBeau Photo Supplies
1520 W. 6th Ave, Vancouver
Tel: 604.734.7771

Beau Photo has been a supporter of 12×12 since 2009 and for the 2012 cycle, is generously sponsoring us with:

  • Film and cassettes for all of this year’s marathoners. Thanks to Beau Photo, Ilford has also come on board and offered us the necessary HP5+ Black & White film, which Beau Photo has custom-rolled for us
  • Two $50 Rental Certificates
  • The loan of lighting equipment for a special perk that we are currently working on for our 2012 marathoners!

Foundation by Coffeebar

Billions of cups of coffee are consumed around the world every day, making coffee beans one of the most traded commodities; and every day, millions of farmers work extremely hard as they depend on coffee for their source of income. Yet when the beans travel a long way from home to be brewed into that cup of fragrant liquid gold we are familiar with, we often neglect its journey and origin as we emphasize on speed and quantity while we wait in line for that morning kick-start on our way to work.

The cultivation of coffee beans is a long and labor-intensive process, comparable to that of rice. The coffee plant can take up to seven years to grow and requires strict conditions and constant attention. They are therefore susceptible to pests and weather changes. The result of a good harvest, however, is nothing short of gratifying; like wines of different regions, coffee beans produced from different farms can take on the flavours of the soil and have their own unique taste. A distinct taste pertaining to a distinct origin, what better way to build a solid foundation for coffee? As our culture begins to appreciate the fine tasting and proper brewing of coffee, it is crucial for us to understand the foundations of coffee beans. It really helps us bring a little bit more romance into the cup, and a little bit more appreciation to our morning coffee.

Coffee can be a grab-and-go, but with all the hard labor involved in bringing those amazing flavours into the cup, it should be a treat. I make coffee for people most days, but when I’m not and the weather allows, I sit at a coffeeshop and look at the rain. Falling. And I remember other rains from different skies. Mountain fog descending and lifting like a dream, drinking single-origin coffee from the origin itself – in a small town, in the northern sierra of Mexico, through cobblestone streets and the rich palette of color surrounding everything; and the farmer – whose name escapes me now, but who still tells his story and the story of this town through his coffee. This beautiful, colorful, hidden treasure of a town, whose name will never escape me: Cuetzalan.

by Christine Delano, Manager of Coffeebar

Coffeebar LogoCoffeebar
10 Water Street, Vancouver (Gastown)
Tel: 604.566.9693

Coming on board this year, Coffeebar is officially the:

  • Venue for the 2012 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon on Saturday August 18th

Also part of our wonderful family of sponsors:

CustomColor LogoCustomColor Professional Imaging Lab
1123 Venables Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604.681.4680

Have you ever noticed how your lab always sends your black & white film out for development? Well, CustomColor Professional Imaging Lab is one of the few places in Vancouver where these orders go. It’s also the place professional photographers frequent to get the results they want. For 2012, our marathoners are getting nothing but the best. CustomColor is sponsoring the 12×12 with:

  • The processing of all the film rolls from the marathon
  • 4″x6″ prints of all the photos processed for the Raw Talent 2012 exhibit
  • Digital scanning for all the exhibit photos to upload to our Flickr account

City of Vancouver LogoCity of Vancouver
City of Vancouver Art & Cultural Activities
City of Vancouver Events Calendar

As our newest sponsor, the City of Vancouver is sponsoring this year’s 12×12 with:

  • A dramatically subsidized rental fee for the use of the magnificent heritage Salt Building in The Village on  False Creek for Raw Talent 2012. Without the extremely generous support from the City of Vancouver, the exhibit venue would have cost us $10,000, something we would have never been able to afford without them.

Lynda LogoLynda.com
Tel: 1.888.33.LYNDA

A supporter since 2011, Lynda.com is supporting this year’s marathon with:

  • A cheque in the amount of $500
  • A 1-year premium subscription membership
  • 1-month free subscriptions for all 60 of our marathoners
  • DVD titles from their collection of courses

Six Cent Press Logo

Six Cent Press
1880 Powell Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604.216.0405

A 12×12 supporter since 2010, Six Cent Press has sponsored us with:

  • 100 twin sets of their custom 1.25″ buttons with packaging, a very special commemorative and collectible memento of 12×12

It goes without saying that we owe much of our success to all of our generous and supportive sponsors. Hence the selection of “Foundation” as the theme for the Sponsor Challenge. Without this solid foundation, there would be no 12×12. We share a special connection with everyone we work with to bring you this annual event. We hope you are as proud of it as we are ♥

Ilford HP5+ B&W Film: The 12×12 Choice of 2012!

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Nervous about shooting Black and White film come marathon day? Don’t be! As 2-time 12×12 marathoner Aaron Macfarlane shows in this post, Ilford’s HP5+ film is a very adaptive and forgiving medium to play with. It also happens to be the film for this year’s 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon on August 18th, 2012!

But first, here’s a little teaser ;o)

Ilford HP5+ Film
By Aaron Macfarlane

Re-posted with permission. Click here for the original post.

Let me tell you about my experience with HP5+ and B&W film in general.

First off, I am not married to one brand or style of film. I like to try them all out because they are fun and, like photography, is a learning experience. Ilford’s HP5+ film is one I enjoy using on a regular basis.

One thing about shooting B&W is that you need to psychologically eliminate the colour while you are composing with your camera because there will be no colour recognition when the film is displayed after it is developed and printed. B&W for me relies very much on composition.

A good tip that I can suggest is to get a yellow or orange filter for your lens. This way, if you are unable to disconnect colour from composition, the filter will help eliminate most of the colours while you are composing. BUT if you are using a rangefinder camera, this tip will not help you as you are not looking through the lens to compose your photograph.

Note: Filters generally take away some of the light, so if you do happen to try out a yellow or orange filter and you are using a hand-held light meter, you have to compensate for the lost light. Typically it is 1 to 2 stops of light lost.

Click here for more information on factoring filters.

Another tip is if you have a digital camera, I suggest taking it out for a day or two and change it to B&W mode to help yourself get used to ‘seeing’ in black and white.

HP5+ film is a good general use film. It does perform very well in many types of situations. I’ve used it for street, portrait, landscape, macro, and most any type of photography.

It is a mid contrast film so it can produce good information in the shadows as well as the highlights. I wouldn’t say there are many limitations to this film, really. Some people like film that produces more contrast, such as Kodak’s Tri-X film.

Anyway, enough boring talk. Here are some examples of photos I’ve taken over the years using 135 format HP5+ film.

B&W Photo with Ilford HP5 by Aaron Macfarlane

Strong light, but shadows still show information

B&W Photo with Ilford HP5 by Aaron Macfarlane

Sharpness up close and at a distance thanks to the grain

B&W Photo with Ilford HP5 by Aaron Macfarlane

Lower contrast makes for less drama but more details

B&W Photo with Ilford HP5 by Aaron Macfarlane

A longer exposure at night (5 sec). That’s ’11 marathoner Andrew Topalov there with his Canon P rangefinder!

B&W Photo with Ilford HP5 by Aaron Macfarlane

HP5+ holds up well in foggy and snowy weather too

B&W Photo with Ilford HP5 by Aaron Macfarlane

Using a rangefinder from 1943 made for an interesting scene at IKEA

B&W Photo with Ilford HP5 by Aaron Macfarlane

With proper exposure, there is still great detail and sharpness in shadowy places

B&W Photo with Ilford HP5 by Aaron Macfarlane

Shallow depth test shot on a rainy day

B&W Photo with Ilford HP5 by Aaron Macfarlane

No flash needed. HP5+ performs indoors with ease

B&W Photo with Ilford HP5 by Aaron Macfarlane

Also, not related to the 12×12, but you can even create a colour image from three B&W photographs. Here I used Red, Blue, and Green filters and HP5+ film to create a trichromie image

All in all, you don’t need to worry too much about using B&W film. Chances are you have already used this film or have shot with B&W already.

If not, stop by Beau Photo and pick up a roll or two of HP5+ film. Test out your camera and try out the film beforehand. You’ll find you might get hooked on B&W film photography.

Good luck and see you on August 18th for this year’s 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon!

Aaron MacfarlaneAbout Aaron Macfarlane: “Okay I like photography; I talk about photography ALL DAY at work, then I come home and I take photos and/or process film and/or scan photos and/or go on the internet and look at photos and/or talk about photos on forums.

And I like snuggling. And I also like vinyl records.”

Aaron is a 2-time 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathoner.

4th Annual 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon: The Black & White Edition!

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A candid shot of Michael Kalus during the 2009 12x12 Vancouver Photo Marathon by John Biehler

The 4th Annual 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon: B&W Edition

Vancouver, BC (June 18, 2012): Dust off those 35mm cameras because the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon is back on Saturday August 18 and this time, we’re turning back the pages to a forgotten chapter in photographic history. Set in the heart and birth place of the city where it all began, this year’s participants will gather in Gastown where they will explore the art of storytelling by capturing their images in black and white film.

With a 35mm camera as the only requirement to take part, recreational and professional photographers will each be given a marked roll of film containing only 12 exposures. Beginning at 10am and at the top of every hour for the next 12 hours, a theme will be randomly drawn and released. Participants must interpret and capture each theme in one single exposure of film in the exact sequence that they are revealed. Once the clock strikes 10pm, only the completed rolls that have been returned will move on to the next stage of the challenge. Negatives will be developed and judged after the marathon, the results of which will be showcased at a free public exhibit where more than 700 photos will be on display and the winning entries announced and celebrated.

With the highly anticipated vibrancy that summer brings, it’s no wonder that the city’s explosion of colour becomes the source of inspiration for many photographers. The brilliant blues of a child’s eyes create the perfect focal point in a still. The fiery red of a runaway balloon seizes attention. Now imagine the curtain falling on this play of colours, leaving nothing but infinite shades of gray. How do you then communicate your story? Suddenly, composition and lighting take centre stage. Perspective gets the limelight. Context now plays a role. In essence, a whole new world is brought forth. “Since photography emerged in monochrome format,” says 12×12 creator Morten Rand-Hendriksen, “what better way to play tribute to the classic medium of film than by revitalizing this art form.”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, get ready for an epic story.

SATURDAY AUGUST 18, 2012 • 10AM – 10PM

The 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon is the first not-for-profit annual film-based photo marathon in British Columbia. It is open to anyone with a 35mm film camera. Tickets ($36 each) must be purchased in advance, include film, and will go on sale here at 8pm on Wednesday July 18th, 2012. Last year’s marathon sold out within 10 minutes, so mark your calendars if you don’t want to miss out!

Check www.VancouverPhotoMarathon.com for updates.


For more information or media inquiries, please contact:
Angela Chih, Event Producer
e: Click here to submit an email
c: 778.388.3690

Click the following links to view the individual pages of the full media kit:

Page 1: Cover
Page 2: Media Release
Page 3: Event Photos
Page 4: Media Coverage
Page 5: What Marathoners are Saying About 12×12
Page 6: Frequently Asked Questions
Page 7: Sponsor Packages

Click here to download the full Media Kit in PDF format (approx. 839KB)

2011 Audience Picks

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Attendees of Raw Talent 2011: The Third Annual 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon Exhibit were given the chance to fill out ballots to cast votes for their favourite photos. Here are the results from the tally.

Audience Pick for Best Series: #39 Kenny Louie

Audience Pick for Best Series Runner-Up: #46 Eric Tong

Audience Pick for Best Photo:
#56 Ryan Mah for Theme #11 (Not for Sale)

Audience Pick for Best Photo Runner-Up:
#40 Michael Lawrence for Theme #09 (Take it to the Grave)

Audience Pick for Individual Themes:

Flickr Tag Error: Bad call to display set '72157627806311880'

Theme 01 (My Entry Number + Different Angle): #08 Yvonne Fong

Theme 02 (The Usual Suspects): #40 Michael Lawrence

Theme 03 (Human Nature): #39 Kenny Louie

Theme 04 (Reliable): #50 Shannon Leonard

Theme 05 (My Greatest Wish): #08 Yvonne Fong

Theme 06 (Odour): #56 Ryan Mah

Theme 07 (Echo): #47 Kathy Booth

Theme 08 (Trapped): #08 Yvonne Fong

Theme 09 (Take it to the Grave): #40 Michael Lawrence

Theme 10 (Second Chance): #53 Ian Kerr

Theme 11 (Not for Sale): #56 Ryan Mah

Theme 12 (Expectation): #39 Kenny Louie

2011 Winning Photos

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Updated: 11.10.03 at 4:07PM

60 marathoners registered for the third annual 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon and all 60 handed in their 12exp 35mm rolls by 10pm on Saturday August 6th, 2011. From the 720 photos that we had developed, our judges selected winners for Best Series and Best Photo, along with Runner-Ups for both categories, and 1 winner for each of the 12 themes. Here are the results that were revealed at Raw Talent 2011 on Sunday September 25th:

2011 12x12 winners (L-R): Eric Bucad (#11), Ryan Mah (#56), Ayoe for Bob Lai (#01), Sophia Knowles (#33), Ian Kerr (#53), Allison McDougall (#58), Michael Lawrence (#40), and Kenny Louie (#39).
Missing: Mariette Baynton (#15), Caitlin Bridger (#22), and Ryan Marchant (#21).

Best Series: #33 Sophia Knowles

Best Series Runner-Up: #01 Bob Lai

Best Photo:
#33 Sophia Knowles for Theme #10 (Second Chance)

Best Photo Runner-Up:
#56 Ryan Mah for Theme #08 (Trapped)

Individual Theme Winners:

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Theme 01 (My Entry Number + Different Angle): #53 Ian Kerr

Theme 02 (The Usual Suspects): #40 Michael Lawrence

Theme 03 (Human Nature): #22 Caitlin Bridger

Theme 04 (Reliable): #58 Allison McDougall

Theme 05 (My Greatest Wish): #01 Bob Lai

Theme 06 (Odour): #56 Ryan Mah

Theme 07 (Echo): #21 Ryan Marchant

Theme 08 (Trapped): #15 Mariette Baynton

Theme 09 (Take it to the Grave): #40 Michael Lawrence

Theme 10 (Second Chance): #11 Eric Bucad

Theme 11 (Not for Sale): #56 Ryan Mah

Theme 12 (Expectation): #39 Kenny Louie


Marathoners Who Were Also in the Running:

For Best Series:

#08 Yvonne Fong & #39 Kenny Louie

For Best Series Runner-Up:

#50 Shannon Leonard & #53 Ian Kerr

For Best Photo:

#53 Ian Kerr for Theme 10: Second Chance & #01 Bob Lai for Theme 07: Echo

For Best Photo Runner-Up:

#15 Mariette Baynton for Theme 08: Trapped & #51 Irvine Chow for Theme 02: The Usual Suspects

For Theme 01: My Entry Number + Different Angle

#57 Michael Burns & #13 Val Chirkov

For Theme 02: The Usual Suspects

#23 Craig Sinclair & #51 Irvine Chow

For Theme 03: Human Nature

#07 Chrissy Davey & #21 Ryan Marchant

For Theme 04: Reliable

#13 Val Chirkov & #32 Ruwan Fernando

For Theme 05: My Greatest Wish

#08 Yvonne Fong & #50 Shannon Leonard

For Theme 06: Odour

#47 Kathy Booth & #43 Martha McKenzie

For Theme 07: Echo

#01 Bob Lai

For Theme 08: Trapped

#56 Ryan Mah & #20 Sam Chua

For Theme 09: Take it to the Grave

#50 Shannon Leonard & #01 Bob Lai

For Theme 10: Second Chance

#53 Ian Kerr & 33 Sophia Knowles

For Theme 11: Not for Sale

None. #56 Ryan Mah’s photo was a unanimous choice.

For Theme 12: Expectation

#06 Bruce Entus & #56 Ryan Mah

Aaron MacFarlane Takes 12×12 to Spain!

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8806km didn’t deter 2-time 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathoner Aaron MacFarlane from taking part in the 2011 cycle! Though not an ‘official’ participant, he nonetheless shot his photo set in real time from Ibiza, Spain. We held the marathon from 10am – 10pm so your math is correct, Aaron was running around with his 35mm from 7pm – 7am! Here are the results, re-posted with permission from our amazing overseas photographer.

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by Aaron MacFarlane

So, since 2009 there has been this annual fun film-shooting event going on in Vancouver. It’s called the 12×12 Vancouver Photo Marathon.

I’ve been partaking in it because I have been shooting film for a long time and the marathon is a full-on workout. 12 non-stop hours of getting a theme, using your creative juices to take a photo of that theme, then working on the next theme. 12 themes in 12 hours.

This year it turned out that the Marathon was taking place not on September 12 but on August 6. Right when we were to be on vacation in Europe.

So…here are the 12 shots. There was a mix-up as the timing was wonky (instead of 10am to 10pm Vancouver time, I was on 7pm to 7am Ibiza time!). This led to issues because we had a flight to catch at 7am from Ibiza to Paris! It wasn’t so much the flight that was the problem…it was the connectivity to the internet and the security at the Ibiza airport that had me put my camera away before being able to officially follow along with the rest of the people in Vancouver.

Let me just say that doing something like this is much much more difficult if you are in a place that you’ve never been to before. Why? Because you have no help regarding placement. Landmarks, expectations of human behaviour in certain places, they all play an important role in the composition of a photo for each theme.

So, I ultimately am not happy with my photos. Especially with the calibre of the photographers that were in Vancouver doing their thang. 🙂

Equipment used: 1 camera (Leica M6), 1 lens (35mm Summicron), and a roll of colour film.

Theme 01: My Entry Number (59) + Different Angle

Theme 01: My Entry Number (59) by Aaron MacFarlane

The angle was a tough addition. Instead of shooting straight on, I went up above.

I seriously thought of laying on the ground but I was wearing white and this was a very busy area so hundreds of people were walking about shopping and finding places to eat.

The shot was taken here.

Theme 02: The Usual Suspects

Theme 02: The Usual Suspects by Aaron MacFarlane

Scouting about for almost an hour…I was hoping to find a group of young boys being boys or something out of the ordinary. I couldn’t find anything. So I went to the strip where I knew I would find a group of old ‘usual suspects.’

The shot was taken here.

Theme 03: Human Nature

Theme 03: Human Nature by Aaron MacFarlane

I figured I knew right away where I would find some human nature. Down by the water! There will be people there doing what they do. Nope, there were no people there. Just people selling cheap sunglasses and tanktops. Kinda boring, so I looked up and thought ‘Oh look, there’s human nature for ya…we exploit beautiful things for our own good.’

The shot was taken here.

Theme 04: Reliable

Theme 04: Reliable by Aaron MacFarlane

I knew right away what I could find for this photo, seeing as how the sun had already gone down I thought of indoor shots. What’s more reliable than these?

The shot was taken here.

Theme 05: My Greatest Wish

Theme 05: My Greatest Wish by Aaron MacFarlane

Enjoying Life with someone you Love.

Theme 06: Odour

Theme 06: Odour by Aaron MacFarlane

At this point I had been able to get WIFI before heading off to the airport to catch a very early flight to Paris, France. After arriving at the airport there was no WIFI and, after taking this photo, a security guard gave stern warning which prevented me from taking any more photos in the airport. So the 12×12 day ended for me here. 🙁

The shot was taken here.

Theme 07: Echo

Theme 07: Echo by Aaron MacFarlane

Arriving in Paris in the morning made it easy to find the next theme although I was frustrated because I knew the rest of the pack had already finished the Marathon back in Vancouver. So I started up the timer clock again after receiving the rest of the themes via 12×12’s twitter messages.

Theme 08: Trapped

Theme 08: Trapped by Aaron MacFarlane

Well, it was mid-morning and there wasn’t anything jumping out at me so while walking past a little café I saw on the board something that I could eat and photograph for the next theme.

Theme 09: Take it to the Grave

Theme 09: Take it to the Grave by Aaron MacFarlane

Finding the cemetery took a bit of work because I had heard about it being an AMAZING place but was taken aback once inside walking about the huge stones and memorials. I could spend all day here. I could be buried here…with the material object I love the most.

The shot was taken here.

Theme 10: Second Chance

Theme 10: Second Chance by Aaron MacFarlane

I figured there would be some opportunity to walk down Champs-Élysées and find something related to second chance. Usually I don’t photograph people who are suffering or in need, but I figure the young woman would like a second chance at living in a society without having to beg all day to the tourists and locals.

The shot was taken here.

Theme 11: Not For Sale

Theme 11: Not for Sale by Aaron MacFarlane

The Notre Dame is obviously… 🙂

The shot was taken here.

Theme 12: Expectation

Theme 12: Expectation by Aaron MacFarlane

Sitting at the train station planning out the next venture (Brussels), we were having a late lunch and in a matter of seconds after sitting down we were visited by a group of feathered friends with looks in their eyes while watching us munch on our baguettes. They certainly were full of expectation. Very cute indeed.

The shot was taken here.

Thank you Aaron, for taking time out of your European vacation to share such a unique 12×12 experience with us. We hope to see you in the 2012 cycle!

Aaron MacFarlane was the Best Series winner for the 2009 cycle of 12×12, and for 2010, the audience pick for Best Photo Runner-Up and Best Theme 02 interpretation, both for his capture of “The High Road.”

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1, 2, “I Do?”…12×12’s First Wedding!

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You’d think that a wedding shoot would keep you from taking part in the 12×12. You’d probably also never consider lugging around yet another camera when the three or seven in your bag are already breaking your back. If that’s what you think, then you obviously don’t know Lisa King. Here’s the story (told by Lisa herself) on how 12×12 became her +1.

1, 2, “I Do?”…
by Lisa King

I am a professional photographer and have been freelancing in a variety of venues for the past six years. I would consider myself a photojournalist as many of my clients are media based but I also shoot weddings and corporate events on the weekends. I shoot primarily with my digital camera but continue to keep film alive when shooting portraits and weddings.

Last year I participated in the 12×12 for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. It was bitterly cold and at times rainy but the excitement of shooting film in a contest kept me warm and excited to shoot. To my surprise I won in the last category of the day, “Unfunny.”

2010 Winner for Theme 12: Unfunny by Lisa King

The positive energy and pure joy of this event had me looking forward to the 2011 12×12 event but was deeply saddened to hear that it was taking place smack dab in the middle of my wedding season. Even though I couldn’t participate as an official member, I was determined to still be there in spirit. With the help of Angela Chih, the 12×12 Producer, I took the challenge to Victoria and shot the categories in real time during the wedding. I was able to tie in the category “series” with ease, which in the previous year found very difficult to do. It definitely brought a unique excitement and a different challenge to shoot during the wedding. Every hour I pulled out my Pentax K1000 (my first and favorite camera) and shot each theme, jumping up and down every time I came up with something fun and silly.

I hold 12×12 close to my heart. It allows me to open up and feel like I can explore new levels of creativity in new and obscure ways. The category prompts can be challenging but that is what is so exciting and I am glad that I was able to take part in spirit. You will definitely see me competing next year so stay tuned.

Equipment used: 1 camera (Pentax K1000), 1 Lens (50 mm f1.4) and a roll of colour film.


Theme 01: My Entry Number (08) + Different Angle

Theme 01: My Entry Number (#08) by Lisa King

My entry number was 8. At this point in the wedding we had just arrived for an amazing homemade pancake breakfast at the bride’s girlfriend’s house. I had never seen so much amazing food at a breakfast before. There were pancakes made to order, two types of bacon, fruit salad, homemade sauces, mimosas…you name it, they had it. Eight people were eating oddly enough, but there was not enough room (with my fixed 50 mm lens) to fit them all in especially at a different physical angle. I twisted the literal number into “ate” and well, you can see how we felt after breakfast.

Theme 02: The Usual Suspects

Theme 02: The Usual Suspects by Lisa King

Ahhhh, getting ready. A lot of brides follow the tradition of: something old, something new, something borrowed something blue. This tradition is said to have derived in England during the Victorian era, where blue symbolizes love, fidelity and purity.


Theme 03: Human Nature

Theme 03: Human Nature by Lisa King

This one was quite difficult to come up with because of the timing. The wedding was about to get underway so I used the best possible literal translation as I could. Human with Nature.


Theme 04: Reliable

Theme 04: Reliable by Lisa King

Again, another time pressing moment. As seen, the bride is fixing her shoe and leaning on her husband for support.

Theme 05: My Greatest Wish

Theme 05: My Greatest Wish by Lisa King

I think many people would agree that eradicating cancer would be a dream come true. In lieu of party favors, a donation was given to the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of the groom’s father whom recently died of Lymphoma.

Theme 06: Odour

Theme 06: Odour by Lisa King

Do you have a pooey diaper?

Theme 07: Echo

Theme 07: Echo by Lisa King

Adorable flower girl twins. Sisters, especially twins like to repeat or imitate each other.


Theme 08: Trapped

Theme 08: Trapped by Lisa King

“A happy life, is a happy wife.” The rings have now “trapped” the man into a long marriage of “yes dear.”

Theme 09: Take it to the Grave

Theme 09: Take it to the Grave by Lisa King

“I Do.” Definition: “The social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.” This is supposed to be a forever thing but according to the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada “In 2002, the average age at divorce was 43.1 for men and 40.5 for women.”


Theme 10: Second Chance

Theme 10: Second Chance by Lisa King

Bocce (or sometimes spelled Boci or boccie) derived in ancient form from the Roman Empire but modernized by the Italians, allows a player to hit the ball again after going through a wicket. This game becomes increasingly difficult once inebriated, especially if you’ve had a photographer set up your course. Up hills and around corners, there will always be an opportunity for a “second chance.”

Theme 11: Not for Sale

Theme 11: Not for Sale by Lisa King

Duh! Well maybe…how much are you offering?

Theme 12: Expectation

Theme 12: Expectation by Lisa King

OPEN BAR! Enough said.

Thank you Lisa, for taking us along for the ride. We hope to see you in the 2012 cycle!

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If you’re curious to see what this year’s participants shot for their 12 exposures, don’t miss:
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THIS Sunday September 25th, 2011 – Doors: 6PM (FREE)
PhotoHaus Gallery at the Vancouver Photo Workshops
14 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver